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Live Performance

Fijian-born “One-Man Music-Machine” Wise Katubadrau, aka Wise, has quickly garnered a solid fan base within today’s independent music scene. His signature “mash-up” mega-song rolls from one hit to the next, pairing the most unlikely of songs together in perfect unison. Wise writes and composes his own music in addition to playing a vast mix of covers. Conveyed through passionate lyrics, his songs touch on life experiences, relationships and hope. Wise’s vibe and musical style is accompanied with a unique stage presence: He plays the acoustic guitar, while singing, while playing the drums with his feet. His raw, organic sound conveys a musical style that can’t simply be pinned to one genre. Wise fills his sets with an array of reggae, pop and soulful-influenced covers, and then backs them up with thought-provoking originals sang with crafty lyrics and a signature sound he’s honed into his very own.

As a young boy Wise began singing at church with his peers. His mother, a gospel singer and songwriter, urged him to sing with her much to his dismay. Wise was overly shy and did everything he could to avoid having to sing. At that time he preferred to play the piano where he didn’t have to perform in front of an audience. Wise did little with music until 2006 while living in Vermont. He began singing at a local open mic night when the host caught on to his potential and urged Wise to pursue music. When the host gifted Wise with a guitar he immediately went home and taught himself how to play. After a short stint with a band, Wise went back to being a solo act and began writing his own music by 2009. In 2010 he packed up, headed cross-country and landed in Hermosa Beach, California to continue to pursue both music and rugby.

Once in LA, Wise’s music career began to take flight. He credits his overwhelming inspiration to the late, great Bob Marley. Lyrically, Marley motivates him for his commitment to truth and rights and telling people what they need to hear. Positive, uplifting lyrics are a driving force in Wise’s songs. Musically, he’s inspired by the sweet sound of the reggae one drop and the way reggae soothes the souls of any audience. Wise incorporates a reggae feel into all of his music. Spiritually, Marley accompanies the artist during his songwriting and performing, giving him the vibes and energy to play fully in the present time.

As a rugby player and musician Wise has done his fair share of traveling. Rugby brought him to LA where he calls Hermosa Beach home. He continues to write and play his music in the South bay. You can catch him on Tuesday nights at Watermans, Friday and Sunday nights at Patrick Molloys Hermosa Beach. During the winter of 2011 Wise was introduced to Steamboat Springs, Colorado through his LA and rugby mate, Julian Bristow. He immediately felt the warmth of the town and its people, and he’s been drawn back ever since. Wise has played shows at Reggae Sundays at Sweetwater Grill and on the main stage at the base of Steamboat Ski Resort.

With traveling experiences being such an integral part of Wise’s life, it’s no wonder he’s inspired to write songs about the places he’s been. His “Hermosa Beach” song has become the beach town’s anthem, and “Steamboat Springs” similarly illustrates the beauty and charm of Steamboat. Wise100Doors Music released his first acoustic album in the fall of 2013 appropriately titled, ‘Places.’ Wise’s lyrical inspiration from physical places, spiritual places and time-based (past/present/future) places are catalysts for the album composed of all original songs performed acoustically and accompanied by percussion. Both “Hermosa Beach” and “Steamboat Springs” will be featured.

From live music venues, to private parties Wise is an amazing addition to any magical atmosphere by emitting positively charged energy in all directions. He’s motivated by his passion for music and sharing it with others. His energy and zest for music doesn’t go unnoticed. Attend one of his shows, and you will be inspired too.