Ed Paniagua (Pinhead)

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Drummer of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Eduardo Paniagua baterista1 is a Puerto Rican born in Santurce Puerto Rico on September 15, 1972. Best known for his work and an active member with the group since 1990.2 PUYA

Paniagua settled permanently in the city of Los Angeles where for five years did studio work and live performances for various artists; Serralde, Spanish Fly3 Mark Foster (Foster the People), Jonnas Collier (Drive Safe), Vivanativa, Robi Draco Rosa, Mellom, John Bales, Hensley, Killing Cassanova, Pinhead, 4 Sex Cobra, Tuesday’s Rain, Paul Allen (Grown Men) among others. Paniagua was part of international tours for 3 years covering the US, Canada and Latin America. Between them; Ozzfest ’99, Watcha Tour, Snocore, Red Hot chilipeppers (Californication tour), Iron Maiden (Ed Hunter tour), Fear Factory (Digimortal tour) and Sepultura (Nation tour).

In 2008 Eduardo Paniagua moved again Puerto Rico where he taught percussion and drums to exercise their new role as a father. In 2009 with the meeting of PUYA, Paniagua back to the studio for the new album titled “Areyto” which was released independently in 2010, followed by live performances as Rock Park in Bogotá Colombia, along with a5 Guns N Roses (Chinese Democracy tour) among other events.

In this Paniagua lies on the island of Puerto Rico teaching and working both live and study in all kinds of projects from rock, pop, latin, metal etc … In 2014 recorded the battery for easy artist to a local electronics Eduardo called Cirex6 7 prepares to participate again with Puya in the Patria Grande Festival to be held in Cuba8 9 November 2014.