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Throughout the years and in spite of trends and fashion, 2 SUNS have created heartfelt and hopeful rock n’ roll that has struck a chord in people searching for hope and inspiration instead of the cynicism and negativity of so much modern music. From the hard streets of New York City to the bucolic quiet of their current home in Sedona, Arizona, 2 SUNS have stayed true to their vision of what music can be, and on their new album, “Love Revolution”, their message of love and peace is more timely than ever. In fact, it seems as though the times may have finally caught up with them.

2 SUNS founding members are Gina Donello (vocals) and Gary Bettum (guitar), both native New Yorkers. Gina was given her first voice lesson at the age of five by her great aunt who was a protégé of Enrico Caruso . She also studied with world-renowned master coaches associated with the Metropolitan Opera and Lincoln Center and with additional study and training, she gained the ability to literally sing everything – Rock, Jazz, Opera, Cabaret, Classical Indian and more. More importantly, it gave her the confidence to effectively convey emotion no matter what the genre. Gary, who has been playing since the age of six, grew up playing in bands, but got his first big break when he worked at world famous Electric Lady Studios in New York. Here, working with top professionals in the industry, he got incredible engineering and production training, as well as working with some of the world’s best musicians. He then earned a degree (on scholarship) in Jazz performance as well as completing the masters component in music technology at NYU. It was in New York City that 2 SUNS had their first show. From the outset, the band was socially conscious and committed to uplifting people with their music. But they soon realized that they had to take their message elsewhere. Sedona, Arizona became their new home, and immediately, the change in environment became an inspiration in and of itself. .”.

After settling in, the two opened a music school in Sedona http://sedonamusiclessons.com/Home_Page.html (Gina gives voice instruction and Gary teaches guitar – they would eventually have Michelle Branch as one of their students), an operation that Gina describes as “one of our greatest satisfactions.” She continues, “Music is therapy and when they leave here, they leave lighter and less burdened.” Gina and Gary also continued writing and recording 2 SUNS music, and in 2002, their debut, self-title album was released.

Gina and Gary soon began writing the next group of songs for their newest release “Love Revolution”. To produce the album, they enlisted producer and sound designer Lee Curreri, best known for his role in the film and TV series “Fame”. Gary says, “In his arrangement and production, he took the songs to another level. It was a dream come true.” That next level is apparent from the first notes of “Love Revolution”. Gary and Gina call the album “an hour which celebrates life”, and the music hearkens back to the sense of possibility present in the 60’s and 70’s, but with a modern sound, thanks to Curreri’s production.

The title track and 1st single is “Love Revolution,” who’s anthemic feel sums up the band’s intention both musically and spiritually. It’s all about what’s going on in the world, the next generation of hippies and love and peace. “Beyond The Veil” expands the band’s musical range into world music – in its shimmering and cinematic beauty. It’s one of those tracks that calls for being in a film or television show. “13th Hour” is another musical u-turn – delving into pop/electronica, its reference to ‘sweet Rome falling’ brings to mind the current perilous state of affairs in this country. As Gina states, “We do have a darker side, but we choose to be positive. Yes, we see certain things falling, but it’s fine. Our humanity is just coming into adulthood. And one thing is true – people are yearning for change.” The entire CD reflects different aspects of social issues and consciousness. 2 SUNS music is powerful, filled with passion and dedication, with a message for everyone. It’s the freedom that you feel when you sing what you believe in.

2 SUNS appeal goes beyond genre and age. With Love Revolution, 2 SUNS have continued to put themselves out there, and have been fortunate in this last year to perform in some important events like the Sedona International Film Festival, EarthDance, GumptionFest, Rockstock, and a very successful fund raiser for the Sedona food Bank which raised over $1300.

And now that hope is more than just a buzzword, the social consciousness of their music is ready for a new and expanded audience. But as Gina says, they’ve always kept their mission simple. “We just keep the love we have for our art as our main intention,” she concludes. “It’s the best way we can show up as artists, and as human beings in the world.”

2 Suns is also announcing their debut video for “Beyond the Veil” which is now on Youtube youtube.com/watch?v=KRUuEvp60rs . It is off of their “Love Revolution” CD. Visually, it is a psychedelic extravaganza. Musically it is a classic. Enjoy the show!

Each member of 2 SUNS brings skill and talent to the group:

Gina Donello – Lead Vocals/Keyboard/Bass/ Percussion /Tanpura

Gary Bettum – Lead Guitar/Background Vocals

Eva George – Bass/Vocals/ Guitar:

Eva George has been writing and recording music since the age of 12, and has been performing music even longer than that. She has studied piano, guitar and vocals, and is a self taught bass player. Eva performed in choirs before discovering her love of rock music, which she has been writing and playing ever since. Her music has been described as progressive, emotional rock

Discography: “Love Revolution” released 2008. “2 SUNS” debut release 2002.

“Love Revolution” currently streaming on college and commercial radio.