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Recipient – Independent Rock Drummer of the Year – 2007 Hollywood FAME Awards

A.D. Adams “ain’t no one-trick- pony” . He is a highly skilled, Internationally recognized veteran of the drumming world, with more than 35 years of experience as a professional in the music industry.

Born surrounded by the echoes of Motown, just outside Detroit, and raised in Washington, D.C., his interest in music began when first saw The Beatles on television. A.D. was intrigued by Ringo’s infectious nature, and frenetic movements behind the drum kit, and was hooked!! He began taking drum lessons at the age of 8.

By the age of 10, A.D. was a disciple of rock and roll, after hearing Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and more of the “heavier” bands that took Woodstock, Monterey Pop, and Altamont festivals by storm, and started his first band with his older brother, that would take A.D. all over the country, and beyond. Influenced by Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, the showmanship of Alice Cooper and KISS, the band had started writing it’s own material and the journey began! Although regionally successful, and with a major record deal in their back pockets (Warner Brothers), A.D. left at the age of 27, to pursue bigger things, signing with another band with a major record contract (Atlantic Records), and once again, touring nationally. After a year-long stint, A.D. decided that this was not the project that stirred his soul, and moved on.

After acquiring still another deal, as the first band signed to CMC International, A.D.’s career was really taking off, eventually landing him in Phoenix, AZ, where long time friend Mikey “Bones” Gerbino (whom A.D. had met in New York, while touring with his first group) eventually called to offer the just-opened drum spot for Louis Prima’s band. A.D. jumped at the chance to play the one type of music he had not played professionally yet, but that had moved his soul for years: swing!!! Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, and yes, Louis Prima’s music had always coursed through his rock and roll veins, as well!!!! The attitude, energy, and musicianship of these masters, had A.D. longing to rip out these classic songs, by these revered legends of jazz. And now he had the opportunity!

Besides showcasing his Jazz/Swing chops, byA.D. Boston landing the gig with Louis Prima, Jr. and the Witnesses, A.D. gets his rock and roll fix in the form of International Glam-Rock Sensations CRASH STREET KIDS (Vanity Music Group/Hot City Recording Co.). The international appeal of CSK have earned them numerous awards and distinctions. Three concurrent album releases were named “Album of the Year” (CHEMICAL DOGS) and “Album of the Year Runner-up” (TRANSATLANTIC SUICIDE and LIVE! FROM THE WAIST DOWN) in the U.K. They also accepted the award for “Rock Band of the Year” at the prestigious 2008 L.A. Music/Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards. CRASH STREET KIDS can also be seen throughout North America, featured on WE-TV Network’s “The Secret Lives of Women: Groupies”. They also enjoy worldwide radio airplay and have appeared on numerous television broadcasts throughout America. He can also be found showing off his versatility with Punk Rock Stalwarts “GLASS HEROES” (TKO Records)

Currently residing in Phoenix, AZ, A.D. has had a career that includes countless National and World Tours, to Recording, T.V, Film, and Studio Work, A.D. ADAMS has shared stage and studio with the likes of : Gilby Clarke (Guns and Roses/”Rock Star: Supernova”), Michael Bruce (Alice Cooper), Chuck Berry (rock and roll legend), Rat Scabies (The Damned), Denny Seiwell (Paul McCartney and Wings), Johnny Knoxville (“Jackass”), and many, many others.

Regarded as one of the Most Sought-After Session Players in the Southwest, A.D. is also a regular Artist/Clinician at the Prestigious “Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences”. He also is called upon as a Frequent Guest Speaker for “The National Engineer’s Society’s” Recording seminars, “The Other Side of the Glass”.

A.D.A.D. has been recognized by Pro-Mark as one of the Nation’s Top Percussion Instructors (1998), was awarded the prestigious “National Independent Rock Drummer of the Year Award” at the 2008 L.A. Music Awards, and is a long-time “Celebrity” Judge for Guitar Center’s National Drum-Off (Annual Drum Competition). A.D. is also a member of the Artist Advisory Council for the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall Of Fame (AMEHOF). [deleted: “the Artist Advisory Council.”]

On top of all that, A.D. has also been teaching private drum lessons for All Levels/Styles of Drummers for over 20 YEARS, in his private studio in Arizona, “Shabby Road” and is widely known throughout the State, and beyond, as one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, and professional percussion instructors around!!!

Quote- “Music is music, no matter what the style. It’s not so much about the notes you play, but how you play them…and even more often, it’s about the notes you leave out!! That’s where you’ll find the groove…”!