AFreaka Nature

Highlight Reel

1997 Nominee – Ooutstanding Musical Group of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards

R&B, Funk and Soul

Afreaka Nature happened at Santa Monica College’s Amphitheater Tuesday when the band played during the heat wave. Afreaka Nature has performed at SMC several times before and has been known to draw a crowd. But due to the heat, only a few students attended tuesdays show. The band is an eclectic blend of jazz, alternative rock, funk and reggae. There was a blend, not only of music, but also of the races, including Asian American, African American and Anglo-American. Marvette Williams, thelead vocal singer, had a great soulful voice. She was the only spirited one in the band who was actually
moving to the music, while the musicians themselves were extremely low key. When Saritto Morell wasn’t singing, he was playing the trombone. If Morell would have been doing only one or the other, the music may have sounded better. The musicians were flexible in style. Guitarist Ben Kishava proved he was definitely influenced by Jimi Hendrix, while bassist William Roe and drummer Kenny Ramirez were able to shift from reggae to rock. Whether it was the music or the audience, something was missing. Those who did attend gave mixed reactions. Some wanted more action and some even wanted rain. Others felt that Afreaka Nature was enjoyable and lived up to its name.
Marvette Williams, lead singer of Afreaka Nature Debom Guetta/Corsair

“influenced by everything from Sade to RadioheadVocalist, Marvette Williams, principal actress of The
Lion King and former front woman of the LA band Afreaka Nature brings her special brand of R&B, rock to the Boom Boom Room on Nov. 8th @9:30pm. Look for performances by special guests as well as songs from acclaimed EP, Tomorrow Changes Everything.”