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2013 SponsorĀ – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Aaron Ave. Records, “a big record company”, was founded November 1, 1994 to support and promote artists from North Texas. Owners Alan E. Petsche and CD Raines formed the company upon completion of the debut CD from The E.P.s entitled CHUCK. Alan and CD are long time friends who met in early 1977 when both were performing and touring with the popular cover band The Pengwins. Fifteen years later in 1994 the two formed The E.P.s, released CHUCK and Aaron Ave. Records was born. In June of 1995 Aaron Ave. Records released The J. Gilligan’s Compilation Album, consisting of fifteen local groups that frequently perform at the popular collage hang out.

Texas Bands and Irish Nachos, the second J. Gilligan’s Compilation CD was released in June of 1996. Thirteen bands made this record one of rock solid continuity. The Undulating Band’s appearance on Texas Band and Irish Nachos sparked the long awaited release of their second album 9,000,000 beats per minute on AAR in August of ’97. This powerful Texas/Roots/Pop album set a new precedent for Aaron Ave.

Since then, Aaron Ave. Records has continued the mission of supporting it’s Texas artists from the beginning of production to manufacturing, on through the day to day efforts of marketing, promotion, and distribution. With fifteen releases to date, spanning all genres of music, we strive to offer our artists an advantage to help take their music and careers to a higher level.

If you are a singer, songwriter, musician or know a great band from Texas that might be interested in becoming ” a big record company” artist, please feel free to contact us.