Aaron Cuadra

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Nominee for Independent Male Vocalist of the Year at the 14th annual LA Music Awards

New Album, “A NEW DAY TO LEARN”, produced by MATT NOVESKEY of the multi-platinum band BLUE OCTOBER.

Seasoned with the flavor of raw alternative rock, yet polished with a modern, crisp new edge, Cuadra’s incomparable songs are profoundly original and provocative. The guitar ballads are phenomenal with heart pounding drums while Cuadra’s unforgettable vocals are eerily moving with soul-touching lyrics; proving to be a richly emotional, heart driven masterpiece. This album is both motivational and addicting.

Available on iTunes, Amazon and online stores everywhere.

“Aaron Cuadra’s rich yet angelic vocals, outstanding lyrics, well-written hooks and adaptable songs have radio play written all over them”.
Sarah Whited – Music Connection
“Due to Cuadra’s clear, easily-sung vocal lines, the audience became an integral part of the performance and many sang full-throated with him throughout the catchy choruses.”
Sarah Whited – Music Connection
“Presenting Aaron Cuadra of 23 Shades”
Becky West – Austin Music Examiner