Abagail Sagstetter

Certificate Award – Piano 8th Annual LA Music Awards

Abagail has found a way to blend classical piano into the modern “Top 40″ pop culture. The piano playing in itself is breathtaking, as she glides through difficult riffs with ease, her fingers pushing the physical limit of speed, yet still maintaining a tight and concise melodic structure to her songwriting. The audience becomes awestruck when she performs live, not only for her amazing talent as a pianist, but also from her ability to reinact the song with her distintively unique voice, actions and expressions.

Robin Abagail Sagstetter grew up in Columbus, Ohio, starting piano lessons at the age of 5. By the age of 12, she received a Masters degree from Capitol University in Bexley, Ohio.

In 1998, she was chosen to perform her own music for President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton at a democratic fundraiser in San Francisco, where she received a standing ovation.

The same year, Abagail appeared on MTV’s “Motel California” as “The First Unsigned Artist To Play on MTV”. She was given seven different scenes in a two hour program that focused entirely on her own music.She performed, was interviewed, and even gave Carson Daly a piano lesson. She also attained “The Best Pianist of 1998″ award from the LA Music Awards.

Abagail has her own band together now, after three years playing solo in LA.The show is varied each time. She always plays at least a couple songs solo, but also at each show there will be a guest musician or musicians which will play a song or two either with the band or with Abagail alone. These instruments vary each time. She’s had string quartets, a mariachi band, woodwinds, horns, bagpipes and harpists to just name a few. This breaks up the show and shows some variety, each one is totally different. The main players in the band consist of drums, bass and guitar.

The club list is extensive, over 100 venues in LA and Orange County. Huntington Beach , being the home of Abagail , holds the biggest fan base. She has a web site at www.igerecords.com , where you can LISTEN to her mp3s and Abagail’s email address is abagail@sprynet.com