Adam Watts

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Outstanding Male Singer/Songwriter 9th annual LA Music Awards

Hi, Adam here… well sorta here. I’m writing this in the past, but you’re here now, where it counts. So… what do I write to you “about” me, when I’m stuck back here in the past? I’m not even sure why you’re here… could be because of music, or visual art, or some other written, filmed or handmade creation or maybe you’re lost… hope not. Main thing is, I’m honestly flattered that you’re curious enough to come all the way here. You’ve clicked “ABOUT” with an appetite to find out what “ABOUT” is all about.

So, I’ll try to tell you a little about me without boring us both.

The headlines are: I’m an artist (music, visual art and writing), songwriter, musician, producer, mixing and mastering engineer and a bunch of other stuff. I like decaying cities but I love nature. I was born, raised and am currently living in Southern California.

I’m all about bridge building. Virtual bridges. On some level we’re all stuck on our little islands and to me, expressing myself through art is a process of bridging the gap between my inner world and yours… all in the interest connection. When connection happens, all sorts of cool, interesting and even profound things can happen.

In western culture art is most often seen through the lens of entertainment and function. Those are distant seconds for me… or maybe side effects or peripheral bonuses. For me, art has it’s most profound and important usage when deepening, focusing, magnifying and enhancing the experience of being alive and living. If the whole of the human experience were a meal, art is the seasoning. Sure, you can eat it without it, but how friggin bland would that be?

I’m an art lover and an artist. For me, as an artist, feeling fulfilled is about the completion of a circle… the first half of the circle is the expression and creation of the work…. but it just doesn’t feel complete unless there’s a connection made to another person… another heart, another mind… put another way: half the reason I create is for myself, the other half is for you. To connect. Way too often, I have no reliable way of accessing whether or not anyone is connecting… so I hope you’ll reach out if a connection is made. That’s kind of a vulnerable thing to ask, but I mean it! Tweet. E-mail ( I actually want to hear from you, if you wanna be heard from.

We all have something we’re driven to do… that we’re meant to do (if you think you don’t, it’s probably just buried under some clutter, you’ll find it if you want to… and please do). For me, creating is on my short list of basic needs: eat, drink, sleep, create, repeat. But that’s too ordinary a way to explain it. The whole idea is to transcend the ordinary and get deep inside our depth in some way, large or small… I want to forget the art, and the artist and be transported. That’s my goal. I want to disappear into the process so that the result can transcend my limitations… my ego… my limited vision… and become something more… something you can take with you and own for yourself.

Talking about this stuff makes it smaller than it is, so I’ll stop here… for now.

Art is soul nutrition. I hope you find something here worth adding to your diet.


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