Alan Morphew

Highlight Reel

Red Carpet Interview

Nominated for Independent Male Singer/Songwriter of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

Nominated for Americana Album of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “The American Dream”

• Rock ala Carte with special guest Alan Morphew will be performing at Breakthru – the North American Queen Convention in Detroit, Michigan held July 24-26, 2015. This just in: Tony Vincent (The Voice, We Will Rock You) will also be performing at the convention. We Will Rock You!

• Alan and Sarah Morphew have been signed on as the hosts of Backstage at the Commune, the new music interview TV show from Our Story Studios. As with many of Our Story’s productions, “Backstage at the Commune” takes place in the fictional Sweet Swine County. Musical guests on the show will be “caught backstage” after their “performances” at the fictional Swine Song Commune and then interviewed and “talked into” acoustic performances backstage for hosts Alan and Sarah Morphew. “It really should be a hoot” says Alan. “All of the Our Story productions are fun. Those guys crack me up. And this show features real musical guests.” The show also features a new theme song by Alan and will be played on cable TV throughout Minnesota and parts of Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

Decided to get back on Reverb Nation recently… note to self: need new bio
I’m back living in Iowa full time. Have my studio set up and some great live gigs. I love my band Alan Morphew and The Hit. Awesome players from Minneapolis. So much fun. I also have been performing with a Queen tribute band from my part of NW Iowa and that’s a smokin’-hot show with great players, too! I love it. And I also enjoy playing select solo acoustic shows.

Time to post some new (and old) videos. and a new bio. here’s an old one for now:

Alan Morphew is a Modern Folk Rock singer / songwriter from Los
Angeles. He grew up in NW Iowa and today, makes that his home for over half the year.

After years of studying voice he is an incredibly powerful vocalist, ranging from sweet falsettos to emotional power vocals. His songs are catchy and melodic with strong choruses and meaningful lyrics. Alan’s music has been compared to Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Rob Thomas, Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens.

Throughout his years in the music industry, Alan has worked with some incredible artists. He sang on Neil Young’s 2006 album, “Living With War”, played trumpet for TSOL, and engineered for many artists including Tupac and Kiss. Alan has also recorded and toured in Germany.

Alan has received several awards for his music and songwriting from organizations including Unisong International Songwriting Competition, the L.A. Music Awards, Kweevak Music Awards (Portland, OR), and the All Access Music Awards (Los Angeles).

Alan Morphew released his first solo album, a self-titled EP, in 2005, a second EP in early 2007, and a 13 song CD in November, 2008. All albums are produced by Alan Morphew and mixed by Andy Hayes and James “Jimbo” Barton (Matchbox 20, Rush, Eric Clapton Unplugged).

In addition to recording, Alan is regularly touring the country, playing shows in Los Angeles, the Midwest, the East Coast and the South.

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