Alexa James

Live Performance

Recipient for Hot AC Artist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Having grown up in Houston and Albuquerque, lived and worked in Nashville, toured in nearly 20 countries, and now based in the Los Angeles area, Alexa James’ music provides an insight into her soul, her travels and all the wonderful people she encounters along the way.

Alexa’s unique guitar-based, driving, catchy, family friendly music offers a welcome escape once you load Alexa James into your Pandora or Spotify stations, your iPods, phones, or CD players with her latest hits. James says, “I love writing songs about the struggles and frustrations that I face, as well as the celebrations in my life. I like sharing my life with others-especially when I get to write about it and phrase it in my own interesting ways. My hope is that people will connect with something I share, and be able to to feel that they are not alone in their lives and experiences. I think it’s so important for us all to realize there is a deep hope, love and belonging, that we can all have and experience. And as we walk through life together and share in each others journeys, we experience those things on a more real and deeper level. I feel my music gives me the outlet to do that.”

James shares much of these feelings in her album entitled YOU ARE THAT TO ME. As a listener, you’re invited to embrace the love and the life that’s around you and make the most of it, while tapping your toes or dancing along at the same time. For example, in the title track “You Are That To Me,” James writes about the sentiment that all of us long to hear “you are perfect in this moment”. Knowing you are loved and complete right here, right now. When we come to that realization we are willing to fight to keep it as she sings about in “Better Than Losing You”. YOU ARE THAT TO ME is a self journey that we all must explore. One that will help us to realize that what we are looking for is already around us and that we simply need to embrace it.

Billboard Magazine describes Alexa James’ music as an intriguing mixture of edgy, acoustic rock tunes painted by her songwriting talents and evocative vocals. Her music is good hooks, melodies and an upbeat tempo. And Alexa’s energetic live performance is fun, authentic, and memorable. Her music has been placed in several films and various tv/video/media projects. Upon her arrival on the west coast, she won HOT ADULT CONTEMPORARY ARTIST OF THE YEAR in the 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards, and recently won “Best Theme Song For a Comedy” at the 2013 LA WEBFEST for writing and performing “ALL ABOUT APRIL” for the webseries of the same title. Her husband, Rory Partin, also a singer-songwriter, produced the song. By request of their fans, they are soon to release an endeavor together as a duo/band, The ROAMies. As one fan described her music, she is ” just… Happy!” That happiness is contagious and Alexa James is definitely a rising talent you want to follow.