Alexandra Seelye

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

Nominated for female vocalist of the year 8th Annual LA Music Awards

Alex has a voice to be reckoned with! This melodic songbird has beautiful range performing original songs, rock ‘n roll, R&B, Pop, and some of our most treasured American standards. It’s apropos that her guitar of choice would be a Gibson Songbird. Alexandra knew at a very young age that she loved music and needed it in her life; always singing to pass the time – Alex’s favorite!

When Alex left home, she followed some friends to the Oregon coast – a place she had visited during a Senior Class trip and had longed to return there. She found herself in Eugene, Oregon and her first paying gig at the Creamery Annex. She played there four nights a week during Happy Hour where she was picked up by a booking agent that signed her to play several clubs along the Pacific Coast.

Alex decided to head to Colorado with some friends, which offered a new inspiring environment! Soon after arriving she was playing at The Musical Spoon in the afternoons and happy hour at a Rock ‘n Roll Show Club in Colorado Springs where she would talk herself up on stage to play with the band – she lived for this! In 1980 Alex joined an all girl band named “Dreamer” and spent a year and a half playing with them.

She has played acoustic solo gigs at The Amazon in Sherman Oaks and in Santa Monica; Genghis Cohen, the Mint, The Coconut Teaser, “On the Rox” – above The Roxy; The Union across from Chateau Marmot. Her LA career consisted of many performances around town. Alex’s songs have also been featured in several films: Rojack Films and Jimmy Williams’ film “The Education of a Vampire”. One of her last performances was for the LA Marathon in March 2003 at the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica boulevards – cheering on the runners as they made their way past the crowds of bystanders. After suffering a severe injury as a result of a fall in 2003 and again in 2005, Alex found it necessary to step back from performing her music to focus on healing. It has been a long road filled with many other experiences that have enriched her life and undoubtedly has provided her with new material for more extraordinary music.

Fast forward to 2009, Palm Springs, California, and Alex was ready to rock and roll! Her enewed since of purpose for her music is fueling her much awaited comeback! With a collection of new original tracks and many of her original tracks from her Love & Confusion CD 2002, her new CD Alex Rising is sure to be a hit!

Alex’s music can be enjoyed for private events; clubs, restaurants, and coffee houses; gallery openings and other special events; and weddings throughout Southern California – never disappointing!