Alicia Vogel

Highlight Reel

lead singer of Shenanigans – 2002 la music awards

This review of the Band Shenanigans at the 2002 LA Music Awards Review of the Band Shenanigans. They attempted to stop this review,but no one can silence me. The truth shall be told

at the Whisky, 2002 L.A. Music Awards

by Norman Lubow

My mother once told me that if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all. Unfortunately, I have to be honest when I review bands because I have my credibility as a music journalist at stake.

I will start off by saying that lead singer Alicia Vogel is one hot babe; I hope that makes you happy mom. To say that the 80’s wannabe tunes penned by Lead Guitarist Ronnie Borchert were severely lacking would be a major understatement. The band only played 2 songs, but for this reviewer that was two too many. While watching this band I felt like Simon from American Idol. I kept thinking that this was quite possibly the worst band in the history of the world.

Lead Singer Alicia Vogel was severellly lacking in vocal range and stage presence, while Lead Guitar Player Ronnie Borchert seemed too consumed by himself to be concerned that he was playing off-key. The Executive Producer of the LA Music Awards should be applauded for attempting to stop this assault on our ears by denying them a third song. Instead, Mr. Borchert cussed out the same man who had earlier given him an award. What an Ingrate!

This band should be sentenced to at least 6 months of rehearsals at Camp X-Ray before even attempting to play live again. At least that way they could assist the CIA by offering audio torture to make those terrorists talk.