Alison Allison

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Singer Alison Allison was born in Hull, England. She began singing when she was a shy, but talented, child, appearing at local festivals and performing in her school’s choir. Both helped build her self-assurance before audiences, as well as polish her superb vocal skills.

In 1997, Allison joined forces with songwriter and guitarist Paul Fantini, who had already been a friend for years. A few months later, the Alison Allison Band took its first breaths of life in Los Angeles, CA. Other members are bassist William Preston Bowling and drummer Scott Hernandez. Each has worked in the music business since a young age. Together, the group makes a talented foursome that offers power pop music influenced by artists like Third Eye Blind, the Police, Sheryl Crow, and Natalie Merchant. Allison’s debut EP, Here With Me, was released at the end of 1997, without drummer Hernandez, who joined up with the others in 1998. That same year, the band finished recording its first album, Round the Bend, released independently. Some of the tunes from this seven-track offering are “I’ll Be There,” “Sometimes,” “Not Too Late,” and “Way of the World.”

In 1999, the Rock City Music Awards nominated Allison for Best Female Vocalist. After reaching some success with Round the Bend and receiving mostly positive reviews, the band headed back into the studio to start work on a sophomore album for 2001.

Alison Allison is a singer/songwriter originally from England now residing in Los Angeles. She and guitarist Paul Fantini have created an original, upbeat set of power pop tunes.
“The lyrics of the songs usually reflect situations in my life, I do however enjoy trying on other people’s shoes and seeing life through their eyes. More than once I have been able to work through a personal problem by writing about it. I’m not much of a talker but I’m perfectly comfortable singing about my observations.”
Band History:
Alison and Paul began working together in late ’97. They formed a band in 1998 and have been gigging since November ’98. Alison Allison recently recorded a new CD entitled ‘Round The Bend’. The title song reflects Alison’s tendency during her teens to find fault with her dates, even if she liked them! Fortunately she grew out of that.