Alison Coster

Highlight Reel

Nominee for Female singer/songwriter of the year

Native San Franciscan, Alison Coster began singing at the age of 3. Coming from a family of gifted and locally renowned musicians (her father drummer Al Coster, and Uncle, Tom Coster formerly of Santana), she inherited the music gene and drive for writing and performing. While studying music theory in Los Angeles, Alison detoured into acting where she discovered a comedic gift which she incorporated into her performance. She juggled the two careers until she placed a song “Do” in the movie Rome and Jewel (with Nate Parker in the scene where the 2 characters fall in love/200?). Since then she has focused her energy as a singer-songwriter, and can be heard on many albums (CD’s?), such as Eric Idol’s Spam a Lot first album (just prior to the NY play production), and shares credits with many talented writers such as Dany Tomas , an established star in Argentina. Alison and Dany have placed 2 songs in two movies including the above mentioned “Rome and Jewel” and were hired to compose the theme song for the horror film “The Passing”(2006). She is currently writing, recording and performing out across the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood and Santa Monica