Amanda Holmes

2006 Founder Award – Concept Music Video of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

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“Here’s why this is an incredible story. Think about this for a moment. You’re 24 years old having been graduated from USC just 2 years earlier with a music degree (and a promising performing arts career) and you are faced with an incredible decision to “stay the course”​ with your original career path, or pivot and become the CEO of your father’s incredibly successful multi-million dollar enterprise with more than a 100 employees–most of whom are older than you and have been with the company for several more years than you.”​, Bill Carmody -At 24, This Recent College Grad Became the CEO of Her Father’s Company and Hasn’t Looked Back Since.

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“When your business tactics have worked for decades, it can be hard to see the incentive to change. Unless you’re as forward-thinking as Amanda Holmes. When she inherited her father’s business-coaching empire, Chet Holmes International, she realized that the company’s old-school sales processes might not continue to connect with younger generations.

So with the help of LeadPages, she decided to do something about that. In the process, she made her operations smoother and brought in new sales at 1,100% the rate she started with.”​ LeadPages -This Boosted Sales 1,100% for Chet Holmes International.
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