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2011 Nominee – Rock Single of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “Bigger Than Life”

2011 Nominee – Rock Album of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “Livin’ The Dream”

Sponsor – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

2012 Nominee – Rock Artist of the Year –  22nd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee – Hard Rock Band of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee – Music Video of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards “Ride Baby Ride”

Mike Mesey, After many years with Chuck Berry and long time member of Head East, has decided to pursue his Dream by building the Worlds only Chopper Drumset and forming the Power Rock Band American Greed( Nominated for “Hard Rock Band of the Year” 2013 L A Music Awards). Mike has worked very hard to find what he feels is the perfect combination of musicians in his life along with recording a new video( nominated for “Music Video of the Year” 2013 L A Music Awards) and C D. Mike has wanted to bring back A part of the old rock days with a Big Stage set up. ( Yes 14 4/12 custom made Power cabinets ). Mike has played almost every city in the U S and almost every major Motorcycle event from Full Throttle and Buffalo Chip in Sturgis to Daytona, Minneapolis to Texas and Vegas to Atlantic City and is ready to do them again. Mike has performed at major venues including Busch Stadium, The fox Theater, Arena’s and amphitheaters to the Super Bowl in Miami to a World Wide Broadcast at the Space Center in Pasadena.
Mike Mesey – “Chopper Drum Set” Drummer

Mike Matthews, lead Guitar and Vocals…..Mike is the Raw Power in his sound, his vocal and harmony ability and his performance and look on stage. his Influences at an early age range from Buddy Guy to Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Earl Slick, and Mick Ronson. Through these Influuences Mike shared the stage with artitists such as Ernie Isley, Clarence Clemons and Max Weinberg of the E Street blues band, Kenny Wayne Sheperd, Bad Finger, Mick Taylor of the rolling stones, Eric Burdon of the Animals, Jack Bruce of Cream, Johnny Lang, Little feat and Chuck Berry. Yes Mike is a talent that you will remember when you see him live.

Bob Guion – Bass Guitar
Meet the Band

Mike Matthews – Guitar/ Vocals
Bob Guion, Bass Guitar. Bob is known in St.Louis/ midwest as “The Bad Ass Bass Player” Period.Bob brings his driving solid performance That a National Rock band needs. Influenced by everything from Black Sabbath to Van Halen there isn’t any style bob cannot perform. He has played with every top band, Guitarist in the region and some national touring artists.All you can say about Bob is that he brings it every show, You see it and you Feel it.

Gordon Montgomery – Vocals
Gordon Montgomery was one of the most recognized singers in the st. louis area. Gordon sang in many of the top rock bands, his range and performance were unforgetable. Influenced by Kansas, Queen, Elton John and Whitesnake, These qualities and dinamic Voice are just the beginning of what you will see and hear on stage.
Eric brings 2 decades of musical expertise to American Greed. Having spent several years as a part of the International Touring band Shooting Star his resume of stages he has played on is world wide in scope. Along with appearances in music videos and on MTV, Eric has spent much of his career in all aspects of musical composition. Eric has a natural ability to play most any instrument, but his passion is guitar. The passion for playing, and his excitement about being a part of American Greed, is apparent every time he hits the stage.