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Hi Moms and Dads,

Wow! I’ve finally made it into the Twenty First Century, a syllabus on my own website! Hopefully, later this year you’ll be able to download your child’s practice music for the Christmas show! Pretty High Tech!

Welcome back to all who’ve been here before and “Howdy, nice to meet you!” to all of our new families. I’m Mr. Tanski the school’s music teacher. The following is a very abbreviated, grade by grade break down of this year.  After you read your grade synopsis PLEASE read the last three paragraphs.

Pony and Kindergarten:  Learning music basics, instruments and their sounds, following rhythms, high and low, learning basic essential songs (Patriotic, nursery, Mass), following simple songs.

1st: More of the above but more in-depth, also the beginnings of basic note reading.

2nd: Note reading, Reading Rhythms, simple music history, music from around the world.

3rd: Complex Note and Rhythm reading, more music history, all leading up to…

4th: Recorders!

5th: More Recorders!

6th: Music History, Classical Music. Listening and Comprehending what you hear. The infamous make your own instrument assignment!

7th: Taiko (Water Bottle) Drums, performance at Palm Sunday, American Music / Rock n’ Roll

8th: Music Composition on “Garage Band”,  More Rock n’ Roll,  The infamous “Rock Report”,  Trip to House of Blues

Additionally, all students will participate in one of the school’s two Christmas Shows and  learn music for the School Masses.

That said, it should be a busy but fun year. As always, please feel free to call me with any questions, comments or concerns at the number above or below, It is the VERY BEST WAY TO REACH ME or EMAIL ME AT THE ABOVE/ BELOW ADDRESS. I guarantee you will get you an almost immediate response. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE MESSAGES FOR ME ON THE SCHOOL VOICE MAIL,  the system doesn’t like me and sometimes keeps things from me.

Looking forward to meeting you all and having a Fun Year!

Ron “Mr. T.”  Tanski