Amy Critenden

Live Performance

Drummer for the Mystrals

A cold, dry northerly wind of the Mediterranean provinces of France, the mistral is unpredictable – a feminine force. The Mystrals can be just as unpredictable – twists and turns of rockin’ blues and toe-tappin’ soul with classic rock and whatever requests they can “pull out of the hat”. These women are talented, versatile musicians who can show you a good time!Donna Owen was born in Dallas, TX, and raised in Berkeley, CA. She won “best female vocalist” at the 1993 L.A. Music Awards, an awards show for local unsigned talent. Her other talents include thrift-store shopping (finding vintage clothing for the band), and playing the harmonica without smearing her lipstick.
Amy Crittenden is from Colorado Springs, CO. She has a BA degree in Music, and is a PIT grad. Before moving to LA, she was in another all-female band, Rare Form, who appeared on MTV’s Basement tapes in 1988. She endorses Pearl Drums and Pro-Mark Sticks.

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Why this name?
WE basically named our band after a Heart Song, “Mistral Wind” which appears on Heart’s greatest Hits Live album.
Do you play live?
see our website for coverage of our tours…
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows more choices, especially for the listener
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
Donna & Amy met at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and put the band together 5 years ago, they’ve released a single on an independent label! In 1990, and an album, A Step Down from Luxury, on Acoustic Perfume Records in 1992, which received international airplay. The video single from the album was played nationwide on “underground” cable TV. They’ve played extensively on the west coast, and several colleges in the Western and Southwest regions. From 1996-1999 they also played several DOD TOurs for the US and Allied Military in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Iceland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Kuwait, the UAE, Bahrain, Hungary, Bosnia, and Croatia.
Your influences?
Heart, Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton, Motown R&B, and many more…