Andru Phillips

Live Performance

2013 Nominee – Chris Ellis Country Artist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Nominee – Country Single of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards “Finally Famous”

Andru Phillips, a 17 year old singer and song writer was born August 25, 1995 in Lake Ozark, Missouri, before moving with his family to Benton, Arkansas at age 5. From childhood, Andru was considered outgoing and eager to engage in people and social events. Being naturally athletic, physically attractive with an engaging personality, coupled with a great work ethic and sincere determination to achieve success, Andru excelled in sports in both Junior High and High School and is involved in his schools social events and is considered popular among his peers. Baseball ultimately became the sport that captured Andru’s attention but, singing and song writing quickly became the passion of his heart. At the age of 17, a high school Junior, Andru is focusing all his attention on writing new music and strengthening his vocals with the ultimate goal of achieving worldwide success as a professional musical artist.
Early Years – Childhood through Adolescence:
Andru started walking and demonstrated amazing eye-hand coordination and balance from a very early age. Andru was hitting baseballs tossed to him and dribbling a basketball at age two. After moving to Arkansas at age 5, Andru was immediately recruited by T-Ball teams due to his ability to hit and catch the ball. Although Andru played several sports including football, basketball, golf and track, baseball eventually became his sport of choice after Junior High School.
Along with his conservative Parents, organized sports instilled a competitive spirit in Andru that has served him well in all his endeavors. Andru has participated in 4 USSSA Baseball World Series Championships; Selected as one of 3 Freshmen to play Varsity baseball at his 6A High School and Andru has successfully secured a chair, including first chair honors in 2011, in the All Regions Chior competition. Andru possesses a work ethic that drives him to succeed, especially when his focus is centered on one of his passions such as music or baseball.
High School:
Andru has always loved singing and listening to music and during the summer of 2011, he asked his parents if he could start taking guitar lessons. Because of his busy schedule and commitment to baseball, his parents said no to guitar lessons and suggested that he play around with his Sisters guitar if he wanted to satisfy his music bug. To his parents surprise, Andru did pick up his Sisters guitar and by studying musicians playing songs on Youtube, Andru learned to play chords and strum and within a few months was playing several cover songs. A few months later, Andru began writing his own songs and made the announcement to his Parents that he wanted to pursue a career as a professional music artist.
Through hard work and sheer determination, Andru has developed his own unique style in singing and writing and his fans from around the world love his unique voice and personality.
Andru currently has written 9 original songs:
o More Than Friends
o Finally Famous
o Good Memories
o One Day At A Time
o I Love You
o I don’t Care
o My Prayer
o Over
o Got Me Feeling Good

Finally Famous and More Than Friends have been shared on social media sites including YouTube and Facebook, drawing thousands of fans worldwide who love Andru’s unique style and sound.
Andru signed a management agreement with Robert Tranchina Management Company in December 2012.

Contact infi: Robert Tranchina….714-795-8879…