Andy (Madeline Speak)

Highlight Reel

2010 Nominee – Male Vocalist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Madeline Speak”

“Do you not know that the loudest scream could never compare to the quietest whisper venting from the depths of your soul?” -Andy // lead singer

Madeline Speak is an artist constantly striving to create music that not only changes one’s perception of a beautifully raw sound, but also embodies the beliefs of its’ frontman Andy, his christian beliefs. Though the organic rock and progressive vibes of M.S. touch upon an aggression riding on the fence between rock and metal, there is also a “cool” alternative vibe that hints at an ambience that one could wind down to at the end of a hard day; driven by gritty and soft vocals, this artists’ uninhibited story-telling creates an experience that you can’t help but want to be a part of.

“Do you not know that your heart speaks louder than your mouth, that your motives speak truer than your actions?”

“Madeline” first derived as a song title, personifies his vision of human purity, a little girl lost in the wilderness of an ever-changing world… and Madeline “Speak” then, had become the voice of that innocence. A voice that seeks truth of all that she sees, not necessarily musical perfection (if that were possible), but uninhibited musical purity; true to the heart, singing from the soul. After years of searching, Andy linked up with fellow bandmates Jonathan, Vince, Dave and Javier and knew he finally found the support and musicianship he needed to make ‘Madelines’ voice a reality-

M.speaK has played in Los Angeles, as opening acts for Stroke 9 in the Viper Room, side by side with former Offspring drummer in the Knitting Factory, and local shows at the House of Blues and the Rainbow bar & grill on Sunset. They have come out of the studio with their debut EP and are set to tour around California.