Angelo McCulloch

Presenter of Lifetime Achievement Award to Ron Nevison – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Producers Choice Recipient for National 18 Years Old and Under Artist of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Don’t know where or when this kid from the two-road but world-renown town of Sedona, Arizona was born; don’t know what his favorite food or color may be, what his fav grub is or what he claims might be his musical influences: what this author does know is when “Shred” picks-up a guitar, you’re in for a treat–”He’s a natural, and one of the few students I’ve had the privilege of teaching in recent memory who has a bright future as a professional musician,” remarked his high school music professor to this author when we both had the pleasure of knowing Angelo. He was born to be on-stage, and his prodigious talent is self-evident the moment he starts playing.

Give him a listen…