Anna Saxton (Saxi)

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Anna Saxton (Saxi) is a 21 year old singer songwriter from Cambridge New Zealand.
Saxi is a great talent with a strong vocal ability and a diverse range from full voice to vibrato.
Saxi’s talent is not limited to her voice however, she has displayed the ability to write challenging
songs with extensive vocal jumps and sustained notes. Saxi’s first passion for the industry flared
when she wrote and recorded her first single Voodoo doll at the tender age of 16. In January 2013
Voodoo doll was announced as a semi finalist borderline finalist in the UK International song writing
competition 2012.
Saxi realised that to achieve longevity in the industry would require determination, discipline and
coaching on a high level. After much research Anna found an artistic match with Stuart Clarke vocal
coach. Stuart is a NZ representative of speech level singing and Saxi has been training in Auckland
each weekend to train with him since 2011.
This has offered Saxi other opportunities including vocal and artist development training with Dave
Stroud and Daniel Bedingfield in 2012. Saxi has also worked on two separate occasions with
internationally renowned vocal coach John Henny who in turn has worked with artists such as Katy
Perry and the cast of Glee.
Saxi’s determination, passion for music, generous nature and her passion to see others succeed has
resulted in her being employed at Cambridge high school to coach their talent for rock band
Saxi is currently working on her first EP with the first two tracks “Can You Feel” and White Light”.
Saxi gains inspiration for her songs from real life experiences garnered by herself and those close to
her and also to her dreams.
Saxi cites Pink, Paramore, Kelly Clarkson, Juliet Simms, Muse and Blink 182 as some of her musical influences.