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2006 Founder Award – Newcomer Award – 16th Annual LA Music Awards

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Hollywood, CA
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Anyshka answers the door to her friend’s apartment in Hollywood, dressed in hand-ripped low-rise true religion jeans, an exotic silk top that her mother designed and a warm gracious smile. I am quickly arranged onto her sofa and given a can of Rockstar to drink.

It’s easy to see why music is her passion; she keeps giving me a DJ worthy selection of music she likes during the interview, Bowie combined with Rock Kills Kid, Led Zeppelin interrupted with an old Madonna album, some Stones, a sprinkling of John Lee Hooker and Billy Idol mixed in with Social Distortion and her current faves: Paramore, Katy Perry, and a ‘best of’ Beach Boys Album. “Somehow, when rhythms match, the genre doesn’t have to… you know? I like all types of music; it’s a sound party in my head. I have many moods, so I listen to whatever the moment dictates! I love music, so I want to hear everything I possibly can ….” She stops, finishing the thought in her mind, then adds quickly… “So long as it’s good.”

When asked about her name, she smiles and says, “Well, it’s Russian” “But you aren’t Russian?” “No my mom wanted me to be a ballerina, she thought the name fitting, I guess this is sorta close I mean singing, dancing, they kinda go hand in hand.”

Her impeccable manners and witty conversation disarm me. It doesn’t surprise me at all that she has gathered attention from her performances and recording so quickly!
There is something quite regal about Anyshka, there are allusions to an exotic background but when questioned on her origin, Anyshka merely replies, we are all people, and we are all individuals, I go by my first name only; because all I have done on this earth is attributed to that, everything else, family, nations, religions, well… I cannot take credit for others’ accomplishments, can I? Typical Anyshka, steering clear of boundary making statements… as the interview continues, I realize the allure she has, stems partially from this tendency of hers to remain undefined, (leaving all possibilities open and intriguing her audience to wonder, who is she?)

What made you decide to be a singer? “Well I will say, that although I have undeniable ambition, funnily enough, certain decisions are just made, as if by the universe or some higher power… I always used to write a lot, then one day a poem came into my head with a tune attached… I jumped up and down on my bed. It was exhilarating, it was also 3 am in the morning… my dad told me I was crazy, and for god sakes to go to bed, but really it was the sanest thing I’d ever done! …. I always knew I loved the stage, I knew I loved to perform, to dance; but until then, I had not known what it meant to have a mission ….”

Dubbing her music as Pop-Rock, she plays her catchy track, “Shine,” where you can hear the “feel-good” modern pop sound infused with a faint Indian / Beach Boys flavor. Long after the interview, the song will stay in my head. The musical collaboration involved Hollywood Indie Producer & Songwriter, Beachy, and was recorded at Rumble Kulture Recordings in Hollywood. “He is a genius,” She says, when asked about Beachy. “Absolutely brilliant; it takes a
great person to care enough about another human being’s message, and then to convey it thru music without losing the spirit or meaning in which it is said, and then on top of that, to enhance it to the nth degree? Yes, Amazing Absolutely, Undeniably, Amazing!” she gushes. She writes her own lyrics, by the way, and when coupled with Producer Beachy’s ingenious musical formulas, and flawless production for each of the songs, the combination works incredibly well. Her unique voice is surprisingly low and melodic, and her distinctive vocal-stylings are ear-pleasing to say the least. In concert with Producer Beachy’s impressive music composition and skillful instrumentation, Anyshka’s inimitable vocal-stylings and melodies easily vie with the Gwen Stefanis and Shakiras of the world. This, combined with the intricate layers within the songs instrumental melodies which are blended to sound effortless, makes the listener think of a “summer of love psychedelia,” dreamscapes & Rock ‘n Roll ! This is the New Pop Rock!
She says that performing is what really gives her the energy to create music. “I love the feeling of being able to communicate with so many people on so many different levels. Art, I suppose, is always what one sees in it, each listener co-opts a different meaning from one song, to me, that is amazing. I guess we all have our stories and underlying is the need to share them and incorporate our experiences into the fabric of our collective culture.” This is no accident, multi-talented and astonishingly perceptive, Anyshka has a natural feel for trend-setting, her spectacular fashion sense, is softened by the grace of her manner, her mannequin style becomes at once approachable, and charming indeed!

We decide to drive over to her favorite Coffee Bean on Sunset Boulevard, and suddenly I catch people trying to take pictures of her, secretly. Some stranger peers into her car as we pull into the parking lot. She handles it well and then gives a little giggle. Well this is no secret, Anyshka has Star quality. Just watch as she walks up to the counter… leaving in her wake, murmurs and whispers; the buzz, as they say, surrounds her. …Soon they will all be humming her catchy tunes… I still am.
By: Angelica Olcott
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