Ari (Bomb Child)

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Bassist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

Alternative / Garage / Rock
Band Members
TAKA – Vox & Guitar
ARI – Bass
Thr3e -drums
Los Angeles, California
Record Label
Mindset Records
Short Description
Nothing Lasts Forever 6/6/06.
10 amazing tracks, every song is a hit.
Long Description
Sounds Like:
Your nose breaking from a warm beer bottle that was hurled from a dark corner of a random bar in soho.
“Bomb Child is one of the best unsigned acts I have ever seen. It’s very rare that a band is energetic enough on stage, and these guys know what to do once they’re there. The songs are hooky, they rock, and lead singer, Taka, can belt out lyrics like I haven’t heard since the early years of Marilyn Manson. These guys are in for quite the wild rockstardom ride.”
Larry McFeelie
Music Director/Midday Disc Jockey
KUPD Phoenix

“What a frickin’ AMAZING band! It was unreal at our first festival show to hear 5,000 screaming fans chanting, “Bomb Child!” Not only did they leave our listeners wanting more, but they signed so many autographs that day, I’m surprised their arms didn’t fall off. They stayed until every fan who wanted an autograph or a picture got one. That’s a sign of a band who gets it! We’ve been playing them for over a year now and I don’t see them ever not getting spins on KMRQ. Bomb Child is the real deal and I’ve got much love for em’.”
Jack Paper
Music Director/Program Director
KMRQ Modesto

“Bomb Child sound very familiar when you first hear it, but when songs like “Don’t Let Life…” seep into your head, you realize it’s because they take the best parts of every favorite band you’ve had in the past 15 years and create an intense hyperactive cocktail that’s pretty damn mindblowing.”
Jay Frank
Marketing/Music Director
LAUNCH/Yahoo! Music

Seeing Bomb Child, I got the sense that I was in on the ground floor of something big. Like being at a club in Seattle when Nirvana was still on the brink of Superstardom.
Rock City News

There is a sense of urgency when they playas if to wake the masses from their profound slumber. Their music reveals the performance of The Whothe raw attitude of Guns n Roses, combined with the anarchy of the Sex Pistolsand the social relevance of Nirvana. BOMB CHILD is the future of rock and roll.
Front Line

The self-titled debut from these Los Angeles-based rockers is just the kind of kick in the ass the city’s hard rocking scene needs. From Jane’s Addiction, Guns N Roses, and System of a Down, there’s something about this city that encourages high-volume rock experimentation. Songs like the obvious Active Rock hit “Pain” and the acoustic-colored “My Divine” show a gift for combining balls-out rock lead singer/guitarist Taka never goes for the obvious melody, whether nailing the giant chorus of “Shine On,” or delivering the low-key, bluesy verses of “Tomorrow.” Instead, the Japanese-born, American-raised singer who has amazing pipes comes up with catchy hooks that still have some guts behind them. He showcases his guitar chops during the coda of “Three Days,” but he wouldn’t have anywhere to go without the seismic shifting Ari and Thr3e on bass and drums, respectively. There’s no way this band bombs.
David Simutis
freelance writer
HITS, CMJ, Magnet, Newtimes LA and 20 other rags…

Bomb Child is a promising new band hailing from Los Angeles CA. They’ve been around in the scene for a couple of years, paying their dues and playing the local gigs. But with their self released album This Is Your Life, it is hard to think that this band won’t be leaving our scene soon. The album starts with a sinister introduction entitled “This is your Life,” to which bassist Ari says, “we used all sorts of things from the house to record that – pillows, forks, everything!” Soon, the intro that takes you to a far away land then explodes into the band’s succulent guitar riff for “Pain,” and the rock & roll explosion begins. The song is hard rock filled with emotions, as the riffs bring forth the same feelings of pain and melancholy that the vocals and lyrics inspire. The follow-up, “Don’t let the Life,” will get in your head all day long. The greatness behind Bomb Child’s music is that the songs are easy to swallow and easy to vibe to, but there’s plenty of depth, layers, harmonies with intense within every one of their songs to keep every music lover satisfied. Singer Taka’s unique voice is usually raspy and full of harmony, but in their ballad “Tomorrow,” Taka proves that his singing abilities will continue to surprise fans for years to come. The lack track, “Sweet Jesus” starts with a Mediterranean influenced intro that sets the mood for the song as Taka sings “Sweet Jesus Hold My Hand,” with the music serving as background for the singer’s voice, while several layers of music and acoustic guitar riffs find themselves hidden in the background. Of course, in Bomb Child fashion, the song begins to get heavier as it peaks with the guitar going harder and Taka yelling out with fury and passion. “Sweet Jesus Hold My Hand Because I lost My friend Today,” says Taka before a scream that makes you feel his pain. Bomb Child has given us a clear view of their life, their thoughts and their music, and as “The Life” plays, all we can do is reflect. This Is Your Life is a rock & roll record that gathers many of the influences from the greats of rock history, showing that Bomb Child has a good taste in music. The band makes sure to give it their unique spin to each influence, making their debut album an orgasmic explosion that vividly says “look at the prospect.” To think this is the album of a local band is scary – imagine what will happen next.
Daniel Park
Current Location
Los Angeles, California
Alice, Janes, guns, and the Pistols