Arlo Hannigan

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Hannigan is from Nome, Alaska. The town is 3,500 strong, faces the Bering Sea,
and is surrounded by a wild landscape of desolate beauty. Nome is the home of the historical and present-day gold rush, the finish line of
the Iditarod, the community
of King Island, and unique Alaskan alternative-rock..

“Arlo Hannigan’s music is pleasantly hard to pin down. As haunting as Leonard Cohen at his moody darkest…Hannigan’s deep, subtle voice mesmerizes as it manipulates lonely, evocative
melodies against simple yet stirring instrumentation”.
-Jackie Ernst

**Arlo was awarded the independent artist award from the Rasmuson Foundation in 2010. This led to Arlo’s first studio album, Come Up The Hill which was recorded in Vancouver B.C. under the expert production of Sean Dillon. Renowned musicians Jesse Zubot and Elliot Polsky made substantial contributions to the album.

**Arlo was awarded a Rasmusson Fellowship in 2014. Arlo’s project, an avant garde musical perspective on local life, will be available by June, 2015.

Out of state, Arlo has been become an active performer in Los Angeles, incorporating an eclectic range of instrumentation into his act. His accompaniment includes the wildly talented Jes Burgess ( and Sebastion Ledger (The Toledo Show).

Arlo is soon to release an EP mentored and produced by Kingsize Studios mastermind Dave Trumfio (WILCO, OK GO, PATRICK PARK). Expect these songs to be framed by an old rhodes bass orchestrated by Trumfio, meletron and keys by Jason Borger (Eurythmics), and percussion by Chris Infusio (The Vim Dicta).

The 6 song EP is set to release the first quarter of 2015. Preview the album below: