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Best Lyric Content 1991

Asphalt Ballet is an American rock band formed in San Diego, California. Their style is rooted in blues rock and incorporates elements of hard rock and Southern rock. The band consists of vocalist Gary Jeffries, bassist Terry Phillips, drummer Mikki Kiner, and guitarists Danny Clarke and Julius J. Ulrich. at this point the status of the band is unknown. Garry Jeffries fronts the Gary Jeffries band. Recently he was asked about a reunion with his former band mates and said I wouldn’t be opposed to it but man I haven’t talked to them guys in about 20 years. There my space is no longer available. Gary Jeffries can be found on Facebook and will answer questions.

Virgin Records signed the band and released their self-titled debut album in 1991. Jeffries left due to pressure from the label to change their style to sound more like grunge.  Their second album, Pigs, was released in 1993 with Tommy Dean on lead vocals. The band split up shortly after the release of Pigs.

Information about recording new material is on the band’s MySpace page. There are long periods between updates on the page with the last in February 2011.