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An in-your-face, Los Angeles based, female fronted band! To see them live is to become infected with everything they stand for. Mixing influences of rock n’ roll, punk, and pop, Ballentine creates a sound that is unique and unforgettable.

Ballentine has toured to 10 countries with the USO as well as regionally in the US. Their music has been played on national television and in over 20,000 movie theaters. Their debut album “4U” is available in stores nationwide. They are currently working on material for a second album.

Ballentine is Frank Primorac-bass/vocals, Ben Morris-guitar/vocals, Jeremy Weinglass-keys, Vassil Ananiev-drums, and Heather Ballentine lead vocals.

Ballentine is ready to change the face of music. This is the full package! The sound is rock. The talent is undeniable.

The band is BALLENTINE.