Live Performance

1992 award winner for Demo Search 92′ – 2nd Annual LA Music Award “Take Time”

Formed in 1989

A cross between Megadeth and The Pretenders
Band Members
Cathy Montgomery-Davis – Lead Vocals
Sara Marsh – Guitar
Sece Foster – Guitar
Karen Chambers – Bass
Robin MacDonnell – Drums
Country: United States
History: 1989 – 1994
Status: Inactive
Style: Hard Rock/Heavy MetalBiography:
Bandit was a hard rock and metal act which lasted five years, since it was born in the summer of 1989 and disappeared in 1994. In their own words they were a mix of The Pretenders and Megadeth.

Not much else is known about this band except that they played at the SXSW festival in 1992, in Kansas in 1993, and all the clubs on the Sunset Strip.

As for its components, let’s highlight Sara Marsh, who in 2001 formed part of Phantom Blue, and who is presently in The Iron Maidens roster, the female maiden tribute band, and The Little Dolls, an Ozzy Osbourne tribute.

Meanwhile Robin McDonnell has played with the rock band Pleasure for five years, recording two albums.

Cathy Montgomery – Vocals
Sarah Marsh – Guitar
Sece Foster – Guitar
Karen Chambers – Bass
Robin MacDonnel – Drums

Former members:
Candy – Drums
Tay – Guitar

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 sara marsh – Musician, Producer, and Engineer. 10+ years touring with original and tribute bands such as Bandit, The Iron Maidens, The Little Dolls, and Mistress of Reality.