Beauty Supply

Highlight Reel

Nominated for Pop Artist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

Beauty Supply is a polished yet playful musical concoction of 80Գ pop-star, singer/songwriter, J.S. Bach and hip-hop/electro. With the smoothness of Sade and an attitude reminiscent of early Madonna or La Roux, the duo, aka Sirsa Shekim and Ross Leitner, fashions a modern pop sound that is both fresh and familiar.

Shekim, who is half-Lebanese and half-Circassian, is fluent in French and an avid world traveler. She brings a cosmopolitan ѦoundationѠto the Beauty Supply collection. Leitner, a charming classical-pianist-virtuoso-meets technical-wizard, brings that je ne sais quoi thatԳ so popular in foreign films.

The duo, who met as college dorm mates at Brown University, loves to collaborate with the other art forms. In 2008 they wrote and produced a multi-media performance art-show уrash Course in Beauty,Ѡwhich featured twenty-three performers, ranging from actors, dancers and poets, to fashion designers and filmmakers. May of 2012 brought a similar venture in “Second Skin” — a combined art opening/performance in which eleven artists each created a piece of art for the eleven songs on Beauty Supply’s newest album, Ex-Foliation.

Their music has been featured in several films and on all the major TV networks, ranging from ABC to NBC to Disney, HBO, MTV, CW, Columbia/Sony Pictures and many others.