Live Performance

Music Video

Performer – 2008 Phoenix Music Awards

Becca’s debut release for Nari Records, simply titled Becca hits her stride with such songs as “Second Chance,” “Texas Hurricane” and “In My Dreams,” as well as performing a stellar duet with music legend Delaney Bramlett (Delany & Bonnie / “Never Ending Song of Love”) on the song, “Blue Note.” But it is with her own brand of music she calls L.A. COUNTRY that Becca is finding her art. Her first single SECOND CHANCE reached #1 on the World Independent Country chart. Her second single PIECES OF MY HEART reached #4 on the Independent Country chart. Her first single SECOND CHANCE won CONTRY SINGLE OF THE YEAR for the 2008 LA MUSIC AWARDS and her CD won COUNTRY ALBUM OF THE YEAR!