Bennie Garza (RolexMusic)

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2013 Nominee -Hip Hop Artist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards
From the city of Madera, CA brings a young talented performer, songwriter, rapper, engineer, and web page designer. This young charismatic artist goes by the name of Garza, formally began his career at the age of 12 in a group called Young Saints. After a couple years working hard with them, Garza ended up leaving due to having different visions in the music industry.
His talents have matured and evolved so much over the years. Garza decided to give a shot with a solo career and started to write and engineer his own songs. With a new sound of his own, he started to generate a lot of great positive feedback. This motivated Garza not only as artist but also as a person. He felt with God, family, and his supporters by his side nothing could stop his dreams. With his hit song Lambo Love, a lot of great opportunity’s came along. Pauly D from Jersey Shore contacted Garza to sponsor his new clothing line Dirty Couture.Garza is starting to build his empire with the purchase of his recording studio and his record label “ Rolex Music.” Garza wants the people and his fans to understand the passion, the love, the determination, the heart and soul, the blood, sweat and tears he puts into his music. Also, most of all he doesn’t want to be just another artist trying to make a name for himself, Garza wants to soon be known as one of the greats and to always be remembered, never forgotten for the great talent he bring for his fans, friends and fam