Bill Lordan Experiment

Highlight Reel

Nominee Independent Rock Album of the Year at the 14th annual LA Music Awards – “BLX 2″

2004 Unanimous Choice Award Recipient – Distinguished Career in Drumming – 14th annual LA Music Awards

Bill Lordan (born May 22, 1947) is a rock music drummer who has been in a number of bands, such as The Mystics, Gypsy, Robin Trower Band and Sly & The Family Stone. He began playing in sixth grade when his teacher offered after-school lessons.
Lordan started his recording career with Gypsy, a progressive rock band from Minnesota, recording three albums with them from 1971 to 1973. He then joined Sly & The Family Stone. By 1974, Sly & The Family Stone released the album Small Talk. Along with violinist Sid Page, The first drummer for Sly & The Family Stone was Greg Errico who was succeeded on the album Fresh by Andy Newmark.

In 1975, Lordan joined Robin Trower’s band debuting on the album For Earth Below. He stayed with Trower until 1987, his last recording during his stint being the B.L.T. album with Jack Bruce. He played with the Darrell Mansfield Band, the Dave Steffen Band and The Chris Aaron Band before starting his own band, The Bill Lordan Experiment, in 2000.

1971 Gypsy: In the Garden
1972 Gypsy: Antithesis
1973 Gypsy: Unlock the Gates
1974 Sly and the Family Stone: Small Talk
1974 Robin Trower : For Earth Below
1975 Ike and Tina Turner: Sexy Ida
1975 Bobby Womack: I Don’t Know What The World Is Coming To
1975 Robin Trower : BBC Radio 1: Live in Concert
1976 Robin Trower : Long Misty Days
1975 Robin Trower : Live
1977 Robin Trower : In City Dreams
1978 Robin Trower : Caravan to Midnight
1980 Robin Trower : Victims of the Fury
1981 Robin Trower & Jack Bruce: B.L.T.
1983 Darrell Mansfield Band : The Vision
1990 Dave Steffen Band : Blues Cruise Live
1993 Dave Steffen Band : Give Me A Thrill
1996 Robin Trower : King Biscuit Flower Hour (In Concert)
1997 Dave Steffen Band : Flying Potion
2000 Charlie Souza : Live Your Dream
2000 Bill Lordan Experiment : BLX Live at the Coach House
2001 Charlie Souza : 9 Ball In The Corner Pocket
2001 Bill Lordan Experiment : Emotional Blackmail
2003 Calvin James: It Ain’t Over
2003 Bill Lordan Experiment : Here Comes The Storm
2004 Chris Aaron Band: 5 Miles to Freedom
2004 Lordan/Serrato: Eyes of a Woman
2004 Bill Lordan Experiment : The Best of BLX
2014 Bill Lordan Experiment : The NEW Best of BLX
2015 Bill Lordan Experiment : The Best of BLX II
2015 The Bill Lordan History CD