William Bill Margold

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Recipient – Career Achievment Movie Critic – 2007 Hollywood FAME Awards

With a resume in the adult entertainment industry spanning over three decades at virtually every level of participation— actor, scriptwriter, director, agent, critic, activist, counselor, and perhaps even the conscience— William Margold’s disturbingly honest passion for the letter “X” has placed him in the sights of those who long ago traded their souls for the hollowness of material security.

Margold’s insights into what he calls “The Playpen of the Damned” are rivaled by few, and envied (or held in contempt and/or jealously) by many. Nicknamed “Papa Bear” by those he refers to as his “kids” (the overage juvenile delinquents who populate the world of XXX), Margold’s seemingly tireless pursuit of acknowledging the history of adult entertainment, can be summed up by one of his most famous quotes: “There is no future, if in the present, we fail to pay homage to the past.”

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