Live Performance

1993 Recipient – Best Guitar – 3rd Annual LA Music Awards

1994 – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Band Members
Bill Bowman – Vocal,
Tommy Pittam – Guitar and Vocal,
Cory Lombardelli – Bass,
Rico Synder – Drums and Vocal.
Hermosa Beach
Short Description
Billysroom formed in the 90’s and had it’s share of gigs and member changes. Now we are back and are ready to rock!!
Tommy “Ninja” Pittam: Guitar\Vocals born on all saints day in 1965.
1st picked up guitar when 10yrs old.
1st aural guitar eargasm: “Bohemein Rhapsody”
1st guitar hero: Peter Frampton (yes, thats right, have you heard “Frampton Comes Alive”?)
1st guitar: “Electra” Les Paul Copy, big metal flake Goldtop.
1st live performance: 1977 house party. Mr. Kelly Preach (I salute you brother!!!) handed over his Gibson Les Paul Goldtop to me and I played “Stranglehold” by Ted (what the f#ck happened to you?) Nugent.
1st band: “Sexist” (so sorry) with my brother on 2nd guitar. Lots of different players (love u all) including: Bill Bowman on bass, then Gilby Clarke on bass (yep bass), Steve St James vocals, Jan Bass on drums then Steve Schilling on drums.
1st love: Renee Graczyk (not sure I spelled that right, sorry) still not over her (if I knew then what I know now!)
I’ll keep the rest of my 1st stuff under my hat for now!

Bands and musicians I’ve worked, played or recorded with who’s names I will unashamedly drop:
“The Grind” with Dion James (Moore) on vocals, Doug Burkhammer on bass and Billy “Bonzo” Sauline on drums. Our big hit song was “Far Away” (it was a huge hit with our friends)
“The Dancing Dogs” An instrumental “jam” band with Joe Leweck on drums. Bill Bowman on bass, and Pete Ibanez on keys.
“The Three Ninjas” a fun cover “Allstar” thing with Lonnie Vencent (BulletBoys, King Cobra) on bass and vocals, Bobby Blotzer (Ratt) on drums, Mickey Dee(Moterhead, King Diamond, Don Dokken) on drums when Blotz was busy. Guest vocalist include Don Dokken (Dokken) and Marq Torein (BulletBoys)
Don Dokken (solo), when I spent two fun filled weeks at A&M studios with Jim “Jimbo” Barton engineering and co-producing, and met Leland Skylare!!!
“Dokken” I was official new guitarist for 12 full hours! yippee!! with “Wild” Mick Brown on drums and Jeff pilson on bass.
“BulletBoys” Where I replaced Mick (the dick who clipped my chick with a angry pick) Sweda on guitar. Recorded the album “Acid Monkey” (Toy, and Terror Ride were mine) I spent sometime working with Carmine Appice on a killer cover of “Roxanne” and a riff he brought that we worked into a song called “Colors Die” (both should have been on the record, damn it!) Hi Carmine!
I also toured around the U.S.A. for three years or so, then it was time to go! Ya know!
Billy’s Room : My favorite band! 1st time was in 1992 when I really joined (would play gigs here and there with them) with Tim “Whats his name” on drums back then. So yeah that’s 20+ years ago and I missed it so much I dragged Billy and Cory out of retirement (from Billy’s Room duty)
Cory pushed for Mr. Rico on drums, and here we are!!! We’re gonna have a blast and play our best!
Hope someone besides us like it, but we’ll probably play anyways! Thanks for the interest, and remember “All u need is love, love is all u need”!!!!!!! (and food, probably a shower now & then)
Rico Cochise: Drums/Vocals
I was born and then I started to play drums or was it the other way
around? So begins my quest to obtain music immortality. My musical
influences are The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led
Zeppelin, Punk, and Funk 45’s. Favorite drummers are Buddy Rich, John
Bonham, Keith Moon, Ringo, Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart and Lenny
White. I have played drums and sang at the same time with Butchers
Dozun, Vida with Dez Cadena, hey that rhymes, Farmers and various South
Bay bands. I live by the sea in a yellow submarine. who am I ? Give
up??!! I go by the name Rico Cochise!!!

Cast of characters; Vicious Vin bass, Fatal Steve guitar, Dezo guitar,
Billy Bowman weed guitar, Cory Lombardelli many instruments ,Stevo bass
and Rick “Rico Cochise” Snyder drums, vocals, antics, and “Keeper of
the Flame”.

This bio is safe to read with all medications!!!

Cory Lombardell: Bass
I will condense this later, but for now here is a long history of my musical life and of South Bay music.
When I was very young, my mother said I would crawl to the radio and turn it on. And now I still crawl sometimes. Some of my first memories are of listening to The Beatles, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and so many other great groups. I wanted to play the drums, and be just like Ringo, the folks didn’t want to hear me banging on the drums, so they got me a guitar instead. I took lessons for awhile, and then in the 6th grade I started my first group “Hot & Nasty”
There was another group at the school called Shadow. They were our rivals. When “Hot & Nasty” disbanded, the guitar player for Shadow, James Musser, was looking to find a bass player, and asked me if I wanted to join. This is how I became a bass player!! I knew I could learn many things from him, as his jazz-fusion music was amazing. This group later became known as Underwater Traffic.
In the 80’s I was in a “New Wave” band called “The Cocktails” with Bill Bowman on bass, I played guitar with Robin Weeldreyer singing and my brother Chris Lombardelli on drums. I also joined a band called Page 22, whose drummer was Chris Weeldreyer. He was like a brother too. I played the bass.
In the mid 1980’s I joined a another group with Chris W. called “Tans from the Sun”. That was the first group that I joined that was on a mission to get a record deal. We played lots of gigs in Hollywood. After about a year we split up. Half of the band formed a new group called Tanz Muzik, but we never played any live gigs.
I met singer Roby Rodgers around that time. We clicked, and a few weeks later Crocodile Tears was formed. We wrote many songs together, and it was great. At the same time I was playing in another group called Liquid Sky. The keyboard player, Bob Fenger was into all these wild sounds and he opened my mind to all kinds of new approaches on making music. So that is partly why my stuff is weird!
Crocodile Tears vocalist Roby started dating legendary singer Nina Hagen, and that opened doors for the group even more. We played in Hollywood, got our music played on the radio, and all kinds of exciting stuff. I started going out with a singer too, Cindy Marble, who had joined the Liquid Sky band, and after a while she and I formed Rugburns (the name of our band!!!).
Crocodile Tears and Rugburns played many gigs, and in 1987 both bands flew to Berlin, Germany to open up a huge show for The Nina Hagen Group. I thought to myself as we played in front of thousands of people, we are finally on our way. When we got back to the states, it was like we never left, and after another two years both bands were history. That’s Rock N’ Roll I thought!!
Vicious Suaves, was a group that guitarist Probyn Gregory (who had played guitar in both Crocodile Tears and Rugburns) got me in. Probyn went on to play and sing with Brian Wilson of “The Beach Boys” among others.
Billy’s Room was a band started by Bill Bowman and myself. We had Chris Weeldreyer on drums, and Hare Krishna guitarist TK joined later on. We wrote and recorded a bunch of songs, about drugs, girls, and other stuff. We then started playing lots of gigs around the South Bay. The band’s philosophy then was that anyone and everyone could be in the band, and to just go for it.
Billy’s Room had many different line-ups over the years. We played at The Lighthouse, The Hermosa Saloon, and other spots in the South Bay. The line up ended up with guitarist, Tommy Pittam, drummer Joe Leweck, guitarist Dana Shaw, and keyboardist Pete Ibenez.
One of the guitar players that joined Billy’s Room was named Tony Sena, may he rest in peace. Tony was playing with a woman singer/songwriter named Janine Freeman at the time, and had asked me to join the group with Joe Leweck on drums. After one rehearsal she asked us if we would like to go to Tahiti for two weeks, to play some shows there. We then found ourselves in Tahiti for two weeks playing at the Sofitel Hotel, and at a club called Nashville. After returning I joined another group with Tony Sena that was called Tin Roof. The group played at many places in and around L.A. (so as you can tell by now I was somewhat of a band whore or slut.)
Waterfront Faire, was a band with Hector Farfan on guitar and vocals, that I joined and met drummer Rob Ahlers, and singer Sharlotte Gibson. I also joined a punk rock band with Steve Linn on guitar and vocals, and Rick (Rico) Snyder on drums. The bands name was Boner.
Rob Ahlers and I also joined a group called “Sharlotte’s Web” with Sharlotte Gibson, who sang back-ups in Waterfront Faire, and has been singing back-ups for the likes of Brandy, Berlin, Barry White and the late Whitney Houston, and is in the house band for American Idol. Sharlotte actually makes a living singing!!

Hector started the group Procedure 769, after Waterfront Faire disolved, with Rico on drums, and myself on bass.

Siamac Majd is a Persian singer/songwriter that I met while in the Rugburns.
We have played gigs and parties and still collaborate and record music together to this day.
I also play gigs with T.K and the Namrock band. Rico (Rick Snyder) also played drums with Namrock. We played gigs in Venice, and San Francisco, Seattle, Boulder Colorado, Chicago, New Orleans, and others.
I also am a guest in South Bay’s own Big Jerks from time to time.
Farmers is a group with Bill Bowman that started in the early 90’s. The group has gone through many line up changes, but now includes Rico on drums, and myself on guitar, with Steve Davis on bass. Bill plays guitar and writes and sings.
In 2008 I started looking for a girl to make beautiful music with. This led me to Rose Moreau a singer/songwriter I met through Trevor Lloyd of Underwater Traffic. Then I also met Veronica Loren, another beautiful and talented singer, through Dennis McGivern who played guitar in Sharlotte’s Web.
Then another amazing singer/songwriter Megan Hook. And then some gigs and recording followed.
CasioPlaya & The Three-Headed Metal Monster is a band that started when I realized that my new girlfriend Jacqui Kerby-Nelson could really sing, and has a gift for writing lyrics. We started collaborating on tunes in 2009 and continue writing and recording to this day. Our music was featured in the independent surf films “Quack Attack” and “Quack Attack 2”.
So now in early 2013 I got a call from Tommy Pittam saying that it was Billy’s Room time to through down, so I said OK! And this is how the new Billy’s Room came to be.
Bill Bowman: Vocals and Dramatisations

Billy was born in Japan. He’s always liked fun, so he rides his bike and plays music with
his friends, some of whom are pretty good. Billy has been in these bands:
MEAT and a few more. He’s always liked beer, weed and girls but
not blow, speed or arseholes and still stays up way past bed time. Lately he does
crossword puzzles. He’s a little bit strange.

Current Location
Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach
Artists We Also Like
Beatles, Chili Peppers, Jeff Beck, Fidlar, Prog Rock, Etc.
Cory likes Beatles, Cocteau Twins, Peter Gabriel, Early Genesis with PG,
Imogen Heap, Goldfrapp, Jaco Pastorius, Mahavishnu …See More
Band Interests
Cory likes middle eastern food, computers, and the beach among other things.
Tommy likes guitars.
Rico likes music in general.
Billy likes all these things too.
Hey you guys! Feel free to write something here too!
Beatles, Chili Peppers, Jeff Beck, Fidlar, Prog Rock, Etc.