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Nominated for Instrumental Artist of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Performer – 2009 Phoenix Music Awards – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Producers Choice Recipient for Instrumental Album of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “First Flight”

Instrumental Artist of the Year – Phoenix Music Awards – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

2010 Producers Choice Award – Spiritual Artist of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards

2012 Nominee – Instrumental Artist of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

2012 Producers Choice Recipient – Instrumental Album of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

2013 Recipient – Instrumental Artist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

2014 Nominee – Instrumental Artist of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards

Pogressive Native Rock coined BlackRaven’s style and sound which have earned them international demand, acclaim and awards!
Daniel Hicks & The BlackRaven Band

The BlackRaven Band is in the final stages before our new album is released… It is our intention to offer this new form of music to heal the human conditioning that permeates all humanity… Also, to bring these traditional indigenous instruments from the Native Americans to the main-stream platform for all to hear… Heal and Rock on! Thank you from The BlackRaven Band

BlackRaven has a new line up, a new sound, and a new album “Native Knight” due out 7-1-2014! It will feature Daniel Hicks on Native American Flutes, Gonzo Sandoval on Percussion, Phillip Sandoval on Guitars (both Sandoval brothers are from the legendary Hollywood rock band Armored Saint) and Chris O’Brian on Keyboards, Louis Metoyer on Bass, Mike Smothers on Guitars and Evan Perlman on Didgeridoo

A message from BlackRaven’s Percussionist Gonzo Sandoval
Let’s Rock this… This Record was made, recorded, written, how ever you look at it, it was done with the support financially of other people outside of us. and of course whatever we can come up with, as well. … The grace of the Lord and our Music shines together. … If it touches your heart to contribute …go for it! … Rock it! and so many Thank yous are due! Any Amount is Immensely appreciated! Lets do this! the record was conceived to help heal the human condition. This Record involves us all! Peace and Love and Music be with you all! Thank You from the bottom of our Hearts!

Whispering Wind Magazine 11/27/07
Audio Review: by Gene M. Bates
‘First Flight': Blackraven
Category: Contemporary/ New Age/ Instrumental
Buttonhooks Music CD/Copyright 2007

One of the best contemporary flute CD’s of 2007; Blackraven’s debut is dazzling! A clever confection of contemporary instrumentation and Native American flute, Blackraven’s music is full of color and light. Dan Hicks’ flute sails above each alluring track, drawing us into the lush musical landscapes painted with each and every note. The playing is clean, the songwriting impeccable, and the accompaniment balanced and restrained.
A well-deserved nod should be given to producer/engineer Charles Button as well as special guests, world percussionist, Will Clipman and guitarist extraordinaire, Aaron White (of ‘Burning Sky’ fame) for their contributions.
What an amazing album! Favorites ‘cuts’ include “Running Horse”, a marvelous track entitled, “My Love” and the colorful Button/Hicks composition, “The Irish in Me”. A marvelous mix of ‘today and traditional’, Blackraven’s “First Flight” is ‘first rate’!
On its debut CD First Flight, Blackraven (the Native American Music Award® nominated duo of Daniel Hicks and Charles Button) takes the unique sound of the Native American flute in imaginative new directions, weaving its evocative melodic voice as the unifying thread into a fresh sonic fabric that embraces elements of folk, rock, and world music. The highly personal flute stylings of Daniel Hicks blend seamlessly with the guitar, bass, and keyboard textures of co-composer and producer Charles Button, ably accompanied by multiple Grammy® Nominees Will Clipman on pan-global percussion and Aaron White on guitar, along with a stellar cast of supporting players. As Gene M. Bates of Whispering Wind Magazine writes: “First Flight is first rate!”
Will Clipman/Copyright 2007
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With national critical acclaim BlackRaven’s debut album “First Flight” (produced by Charles Button) went above and beyond our expectations. With all of the encouraging and complimentary responses we received, we send back a big “thank you.”

Blessings to all & to all a good Flight!

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