Black Velvet Deluxe

Live Performance

Nominated for Rock Single of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “My Pride”

BLACK VELVET DELUXE takes you straight back to rock n roll’s pure roots. Great hooks, driving chords & powerful lyrics pay homage to sleaze rock’s pioneers. “Since so many fans still love GnR, Motley Crue…the bands we grew up with… why aren’t there any new bands offering up a newer version of this same great sound?” It was this question that brought Sal Acosta, Nate Beck, Carlos Castenada and Josh Lewis together to form BLACK VELVET DELUXE. The four musicians were each playing in different bands when they decided to reignite interest in a new generation of sleaze rock bands.

Rock fans and music industry insiders alike are taking notice of BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s gritty, raw rock n roll.

One fan wrote, “A little GnR, a little Cruish – a lot of 1980’s hard and heavy rock!! Great to see that still alive.” While another fan said, “These guys are amazing! Best new band I’ve heard in over 10 years. A new rock anthem, for sure.”

My Pride, one of the singles on the band’s EP entitled Sin City Tonight, has been nominated for a 2010 L.A. Music Award in the Rock Single category.

Renowned rock drummer and producer Marc Danzeisen (having performed with such notable musicians as former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and Hillary Duff) commented when he first heard BLACK VELVET DELUXE, “This is the RIGHT direction of rock. You hear them once, and the tunes stick in your head. It’s nothing you haven’t heard before, just better and more memorable.”

And Carl Restivo (having recently toured with Rihanna) said of BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s lead guitarist, “Nate Beck is an amazing guitarist, dope writer and a strong singer with a lifetime of experience at such a young age.”

How is BLACK VELVET DELUXE capturing so much attention? It’s the brilliant blend of musical influences infused in their music.

When the drums go from half-time to full-time, the guitar follows with movement from one octave down to another. Power chords are incorporated during main riffs to heavy-up the sound, and single note guitar lines add a funky sleaze undertone to the verses.

Frequent utilization of open chords enlivens the richness of a Les Paul and pentatonic blues scales add a soulful aura to the smooth, velvety vocals on the rock ballads. Going from unrivaled sensuality on one song to knock-down nitty-gritty on the next, the range of BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s vocals and lyrics provides a different “favorite song” for each fan.

A slight infusion of punk, courtesy of drums and bass, adds intrigue to BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s sound.

Their raucous tunes, driving beats and tight technical proficiency make BLACK VELVET DELUXE a sure hit for your needs.

BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s experience shows in their musicianship. The band has a combined 40 years of professional performance experience, with each band member having toured the United States with previous bands.

Following is a sample of the numerous venues they have played – including SXSW and Vans Warped Tour- with previous bands such as Villains & Victims, Necktie Social, Murderland, Adika and Gypsy Runner.

Los Angeles, CA area:
The Vans Warped Tour at Home Depot Center
The Knitting Factory (all 3 stages)
The Joint
The Gig
The Key Club
The Roxy
The Whisky
The Redwood Bar

San Francisco, CA
The Jumping Turtle
Bottom of the Hill

Greater California
Safari Sam’s in San Diego, CA
The Burnt Raman in Richmond, CA
Matt Hensley’s Irish Pub in Carlsbad, CA
Velvet Jones in Santa Barbara, CA

Seattle, WA
The Fun House
The Galway Arms

Las Vegas, NV
Double Down Saloon
The Dive Bar

Eugene, OR
John Henry’s Bar

Denver, CO
The Mile High

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
O’Gara’s Garage
Station 4
First Ave./7th St. Entry

Des Moines, IA
House of Bricks

Kansas City, MO
Crosstown Station

Oklahoma City, OK
The Conservatory

Ft. Worth, TX
The Aardvark

Dallas, TX
Vans Warped Tour Stop
Vampire Lounge

Houston, TX
Engine Room

Austin, TX
Rock City Ice House

Philadelphia, PA
Electric Factory

It should come as no surprise that the very bands – and musicians – who established the sub-genre BLACK VELVET DELUXE pays homage to are among the band’s influences. But the band’s influences don’t stop there. You’ll find jazz, punk, blues and even a little country influence as well.

On Guitar: Slash, Mick Mars, Doug Aldrich and Joe Perry
On Vocals: Eddie Vedder and Layne Staley
On Bass: Flea, Juan Alderete, Jaco Pastorius and Randy Bradberry
On Drums: John Bonham, Travis Barker, Dave Weckl and Chad Sexton

The obvious influential bands include: Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Poison, and Alice In Chains as well as earlier rock bands like Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top.

The eclectic group rounding out BLACK VELVET DELUXE’s influences are musicians Bob Dylan, Johnn