Live Performance

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

Start Date
Founded on July 15, 1993
Melodic Heavy Metal
Band Members
Minas Papadopoulos – Guitars
Nick Koulelis – Bass
Michael Apostolakis – Vocals
Dimitris Kanellopoulos-Drums
Vasillis Veliopoulos-Guitars
Athens, Greece
Record Label
Short Description
Melodic Heavy Metal
Long Description
Melodic Heavy Metal from Greece
Blacksun was formed in 1993 by Minas (guitars) and Anthony (drums). After a while Konstantinos Dratzides (bass) joined the band. On April 1994 the band released the debut demo-tape called “Blacksun”. This demo-tape includes 5 tracks of pure metal. Two tracks of this demo-tape were included in Greek metal underground compilations.

After two years the second demo-tape came true, titled “Through Storm We Ride”. The atmosphere was more epic in that three-track release. This demo-tape took interesting reviews in countries like Japan and Germany. After that, Anthony and Konstantinos left the band for personal obligations. The band went on with session musicians but the result was disappointing.

After one year Anthony and Konstantinos rejoined the band. Two new members joined the band as well, Nikos Filippas (Vocals), Nikos Koulelis (Bass). With the new line-up created their third attack called “Crystal Edge of Time” in cd this time. The music of the band turned to be more melodic but heavy metal as well. The reviews were very hopeful and band continued to earn well reports on abroad again. Despite the well critics of this release, Nikos Filippas left the band due to personal reasons.

After a while the arrival of Konstantinos Karayiannis (keyboards) helped the band by adding keys to the songs. He became an active member of the band helping on composing as well. Also he became the lead singer. More retirements came up. Nikos Koulelis left the band and Konstantinos Dratzides did also as well. Despite the difficult season, Blacksun managed to replace empty places. Panagiotis Charalambous (guitars) and John Tsimas (bass) joined the band. This line-up created a new cd called “Promo-cd 2001″. The music turned to melodic, romantic metal with a variety of influences. This was the big step for the band in its music progress. Live performances came true and contact with some labels. Also a promising frontman Dinos Matsikas joined the band.

But problems came up one more time. Minas Papadopoulos and Anthony Argyropoulos left because of army obligations. This was the darkest period of the band although new songs were arranged with the previous line-up. Nothing special happened except two live performances one of which was support to ex Iron Maiden vocalist Paul Di Anno. The last members split up.

After these bad incidents and some time of inactivity, Minas Papadopoulos and Anthony Argyropoulos made a new start for the band, having the assistance of session musicians that proved to be both more sufficient and more consistent than steady members.This effort gave birth to a new Blacksun’s cd called Tragaedia Eternal.The individuals that helped the band are as follow: John Luna Tsimas(bass, currently in Airged Lamh), Stavros Gatsopoulos(guitars, currently in Sorrowful Winds), Nick Kokozides(pianos and synths currently in Pyr kai Mania), Sissy Oikonomou(female vocals, currently in Pyr kai Mania), Marios Karanastasis(male vocals, currently in Pyr kai Mania)

New replacements took place. John, Sissy and Marios could not participate in the band’s obligations. So Minas took also over the bass section and Steve Venardo of Airged Lamh took over the vocals. On 10th September 2008 Blacksun released their new cd called Rebirth.

Between 2008 and 2012 the band put on hold. But the time has again come cause…….
Nowadays the band prepares the new release ”Symphonies Of the Damned” with a new line-up…Michalis Apostolakis(vocals),Minas Papadopoulos(guitars),Nick Koulelis(Bass),Gregory Drakopoulos(guitars) Anthony(drums),Theo Xenakis(keyboards)….this work means to be the last for one of the founding members, Anthony who goes on with a new music attempt….
Current Location
Athens, Greece
General Manager
Minas Papadopoulos
Band Interests
Mythology, Inner search, Social Matters
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