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Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

Indie punk-popsters Bo Bud Greene were formed in Austin, Texas in 1992 as Paint; guitarist/vocalist Anderson Bracht and guitarist Sean Mullens met through a classified ad, and quickly added drummer Tim Dittmar. The group self-released a number of cassettes with several different bassists before legal action forced their name change in 1993. Marcara Fort became the full-time bassist shortly thereafter, and Bo Bud Greene began recording singles and compilation tracks to supplement their cassette-only work. After two singles on the Last Beat label, the group recorded its debut album, Whatever, in 1995 for Backyard Records. Several more compilation appearances preceded the band’s full-length follow-up, The Same But Different, which appeared on Super Cottonmouth in 1997.

Indie Rock, Noise Pop, Rock
Band Members
Anderson Bracht, guitar & vocals
Tim Dittmar, drums
Sean Mullens, guitar
V. Marc Fort, bass
Short Description
bbg is the best rawk band from Austin, TX that you never heard featuring Andy Bracht, Tim Dittmar, Marc Fort and Sean Mullens
Long Description
What peeps are saying about bo bud greene:

“Also playing is the local quartet Bo Bud Greene, whose debut album came out in 1995. Whatever is an almost perfect summation of those slacked-out times, in name as well as in sound.”
-Art Levy, The Austinist

“These guys have many influences which show up in their songs. Jane’s Addiction, Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine, Green Day and other alternative artists are behind the bo bud greene sound, yet bo bud greene mix their sounds so well with the originals that they have created a brand new sound. Although these guys would fall into an alternative slot according to their dress code and sound, they do not belong in the generic pop punk bin. The best song on the album, ‘Clear Yellow Button,’ rocks with grinding guitar sound and in-your-face vocals…Their live shows really rock because they are not afraid to expend large amounts of energy making their music. Definitely a recommended show for both punk virgins and punk veterans.”
-Heather Smith, The Thresher (Rice University)

“These four Austinites make a gloriously brash noise, a sort of sweet psychedelic metallic pop. Alternating effectively between ethereal arpeggios, chugging power chords, cleverly syncopated stop-time riffs and intriguingly unresolved chords that drift through the sonic landscape, they put together appealing, quirky songs that never fail to rawk…It is a deeply infectious and propulsive (band) that finds innovative ways to combine introspective, mystically themed lyrics with a solid if unconventional rhythm section. Layer soaring vocals and searing lead guitars over the top and you’ve got a formula that veers winningly between the conventional and the unique.”
-Michael Tomczyszyn, The High Hat
Current Location
Austin, TX
(512) 436-FORT
Press Contact
V. M. Black at Modlang Media /