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2011 Nominee – American ,Blues & Roots Album of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

2011 Nominee – American ,Blues & Roots Single of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards “The Final Song”

Hello and welcome to my website…

I am a Voting Grammy member and i have been singing since I’m a little girl…….

I worked with many country legends when I was a teen , Waylon Jennings , Tom T Hall , Mickey Newbury……

Johnny Rodriquez who gave me the chance to tour with him at 18 years old… I have co -written,  Childhood Sweethearts with Randy Travis, and my music video’s, were previewed  on…….I just finished my latest single’s,  Answer to my prayers , Is There more To Life Than This , I can Ride with the cowboys, with producer Marty Rifkin… I’m a Voting Grammy member

I write from my heart and love to tell a story through my singing……

I was also a child actress and I am still today….My motion picture that i star in The Final Song was  released  worldwide March 3 2015

  •               Enjoy my song I Am the song….Love and Light xoxo

~ Bonnie Paul