Brad Belt

2006 Founder Award – Movie Soundtrack Song of the Year – 16th Annual LA Music Awards “Candle”

2006 Won
Los Angeles Music Award Movie Soundtrack Song of the Year
Shared with:
Gwendolyn Edwards (performer/lyricist)
For the song “Candle”.

– Southern Illinois born and bred
– retired educator
– songwriter, composer, singer, studio musician and engineer (Mad Mama Studio)
– eternal optimist

Self-produced Albums:
– GOLF IS A CUSSIN’ GAME (10 insane, irreverent, wacky and wonderful golf songs)
– LONG TIME DEAD (13 songs: contemporary folk, reflective contemplative)
– MOVIN ON (13 songs: down-home Americana, traveling motif)
– PAINTED EYES (13 songs: light rock/retro rock/pop/spiritual songs about life and love
– SOME STORIES NEED TELLIN’ (16 folk songs: mostly ballads about life’s struggles including hanging a black man, abortion, war, retribution, grief, fashion, spirituality and politics
Other projects containing music by Brad:
– STRIKE THE TENT (name later changed to THE LAST CONFEDERATE): Civil War film (one of the songs for this movie, Candle, was awarded Movie Soundtrack Song of the Year at the 2006 Los Angeles Music Awards Show. Candle was co-written with Gwendolyn Edwards.)
– TALKING TO THE MAN IN THE MOON (Buddy Lewis) at Ozark Records
– REFLECTIONS (Carl Sanders) produced by Ted Stice at Outback Records
– PICTURE PERFECT MEMORIES (Tony Phipps) produced by Brad Belt at Mad Mama Music
– DOG AND CAT (Dan Marsh) produced by Brad Belt at Mad Mama Music
– ACOUSTIC DOG (compilation) produced by Jeff Lisk at Pachanga Records
– RIDE THE TRAIN (compilation) (Vol. 14) produced by John Newbraugh at NBT Records
– RIDE THE TRAIN (compilation) (Vol. 15) produced by John Newbraugh at NBT Records

Publishing Company Affiliations:
Brandon Hills Music (BMI), LLC
Piano Press
Solar Filmworks
Simonserves Publishing
Bull Shoals Music—BMI
Newbraugh Brothers Music—BMI
Woodrich Publishing Company (BMI)
Outback Music Publishing

John Prine, Steve Earle, John Fogerty, Ray Charles, Don Henley, Tom Petty

Contemporary Folk, Americana, Comedy, Country, Bluegrass, Blues, R&B, Adult Alternative, AAA, Pop, Classic/Retro Rock, Light Rock, Spiritual, Political, New Age