Brad Marsh

Highlight Reel

2013 Nominee – Guitarist of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Awards

Enamored for years by early British rock, Brad began to realize it was the blues roots within those songs that he was so in love with. So when Mark dragged Brad to a jam session at JJs Blues Club, it was like a sort of musical homecoming.

Brad had played various forms of music for years: rock, country, contemporary worship. But he really wanted to find a place to play the music he loved in a meaningful Christian setting… so when Mark recruited him to join Crimson Blues, he responded “YES!!!” in a fraction of a second.

Brad’s blues licks bring Crimson Blues songs alive, and they’re never the same twice. An avid guitar tone purist, he’s never quite satisfied with the tones and licks he produces. But in that process of seeking blues lick perfection, it sure sounds great along the way!