Brandon Shepard

Highlight Reel

Live Performance

Music Video

2013 Recipient – Country Album of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Award

2013 Nominee – Country Single of the Year – 23rd Annual LA Music Award “Amen”

Comfortable both on and off camera, some of the places you may see his work air on television series such as a (Fatal Encounters) on NBC Universal, (1000 Ways to Die) on Spike TV, National run music video (Top of the World by Aital Segal) as well as in Feature Film such as (Away we Go) on Universal Pictures, (Actor?) DB Rich Productions, (Chilly Christmas) starring Tom Arnold, Heritage Entertainment and (Speak No Evil) Gas Mask Productions starring Gabrielle Stone… just to name a few.

Voice Over:
With the ability to do 100’s of impression and learn new ones on the spot, Brandon has countless spots on radio as well as being cast as 14 lead and supporting rolls in the animated feature (Actor? A Documentary) which also features Ed Asner, Terry Moore, Doris Roberts, Dee Wallace, Alan Thick and Robert Loggia.

Having a lifetime of experience performing in Rock Bands from the age of 14 to 22 and 5 years touring as one of the top independent country artist in the southwest as a singer, song writer and musician playing Guitar, Bass and Mandolin, Brandon has performed with National CMA Artist such as Mark Wills and Mark Chesnutt. Aside from having an extensive history headlining some of the top night clubs and casino’s, Brandon has also had amazing underground success with his original song titled (I Could Be Your Boyfriend For The Weekend) Selling nearly 5000 CD’s and receiving airplay on a nation scale as well as in countries outside the US.

With the exception of some assistance in engineering from Bart Moser and John Burrey, Brandon has self produced as well as engineered the Album (Lets Get Dirty) as well as creating the marketing platform and has attracted large scale national sponsors and corporate affiliates, doing everything from management, to branding and web design.
Currently starting to do full line video production and chroma key editing, he has a few new surprises on the way.
Book Author:
Currently writing a self improvement book due to be completed in 2014.
It deals partly in human association and generating success on the foundation of learning to attract those who generate positive circumstance and eliminating form your surroundings those who will hold you back… the other part of the book will cover some sub atomic particle physics and understanding how bio magnetic algorithms of our own make up influence to behavior of subatomic particles in the world around us and learning to create positive circumstances as a direct result of your own atomic vibration.

In Closing:
True success should never be based on monetary gain, but rather the impact one has on the world a round them and the people who benefit from something you do. Keep this as your goal first and foremost and failure will never be part of the equation.
Integrity is the foundation of true inner confidence!
Confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear!
and sex sells!
~Brandon Shepard~