Brett Walkow

Music Video

Red Carpet Interview

2012 Podium Host – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

For over 15 years, Brett has enjoyed creating a vast array of characters for original comedy shows in which he starred, co-wrote, directed, and produced.

Brett went on to co-star with heavyweight champ James Toney in his award winning short film ‘Fight Night’ ; which he also wrote and co-produced. The film was chosen for two of the world’s largest festivals – Sony’s Tropfest & The Just For Laughs Comedy Festival – which that year Brett was also asked to be a host. The following year Brett was given the honor of being selected as one of 22 comics from around the world as one of The New Faces Of Comedy at The Just For Laughs Festival.

2010 flew in and Brett found himself touring the country doing stand-up, appearing in 3 new commercials, 5 new films and 5 new pilots

    • From Game Show Network to the creators of Laugh-In to Brett’s new


short film reaching over 21,000 hits on YouTube.

Most recently, Brett became one of the new hosts on Actors Entertainment & Actors Reporter. With over 3 million viewers to date, Brett talks it up weekly with one on ones with Kevin Nealon to the Red Carpet at the LA Music Awards. Which has now earned Brett a nomination for ‘Best New Talk Show Host’ at the 2012 LA Comedy Awards.

Brett is currently starring in his own web series: A Guy Walks Into A Bar. Chosen for the 2011 Just for Laughs Comedy Fest and taking over YouTube with over 500,000 views.