Broken Angel LLC

Sponsor – 19th,20th Annual LA Music Awards

Broken Angel LLC is a small organization in the business services industry located in Studio City, CA. It opened its doors in 2008 and now has an estimated $110,000 in yearly revenue and approximately 1 employee.

Broken Angel (Turkish: Meleğin Sırları) is an adaptation of the novel ‘Windy City’ (Ruzgarli Sehir), the film tells the real-life story of Ebru, a Turkish girl who came to America in the 1980s and fell prey to the image of fame and fortune.
A young Turkish girl comes to America in search of the life she saw in the movies and on TV. Broken Angel shows that life for a foreigner is not always the Hollywood life, especially when you do not speak the language. As she is slowly swallowed by the realities, only one boy, a deaf artist, can reach her and save her life.

The film also debates American-Turkish relations and the perceptive image of Turks in the U.S. and vice versa. Broken Angel premiered in Istanbul and Izmir.