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2014 Nominee – Country Single of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards “Dear Lord”

2014 Nominee – Chris Ellic Country Artist of the Year – 24th Annual LA Music Awards

An innovator in original music, The C.R. Ecker Band hit the long dusty trail in the Summer, 2011 and what a journey, shooting up, in the words of Independent Music Network’s Buck McCoy “like a rocket” with some very important and much appreciated awards and recognitions. He also said this about our group — “What great country music is all about.”

On the Marquix Global News Network, in January, Charles Ecker was named one of the Top 15 to Watch in Music. “With the understated confidence of a seasoned musican, Ecker has calmly established himself as a successful songwriter and force in country music,” noted the headline in the article. (At the same time, Ecker was named as the only country composer in the ‘Sound Has Evolved’ organization directed to Film and TV music supervisors.)

The group received the award for “Best Country Song” at the 2014 L.A. Music Awards, the grandest of all multi-genre music competitions for Indie artists on the planet, considered one step under the heralded Grammy Awards. And during 2014, it notched four Akademia Music Society awards.

Before that, the group was accorded “Band of the Year” at Independent Music Network (Country Charts) with “When God Created You” among the top four songs of the year out of 250 on the Top 30 Countdown aired throughout 2012 after it remained on the charts for a record 6 1/2 months. (“No Turnin’ Back” also on these charts for over six months at #1 four times.)

In Spring, 2014, the band garnered “Country Performers of the Year” at Starliner’s Europe, the biggest radio competition on the Continent, for the second year in a row, after being tied-for it our first year out of the gate. Late in 2013, “Whisper Sweet Nothins'” was named “Song of the Year” bucking the trend at The Starliners Radio Network at the mostly Pop-influenced station.

Although known as a country music band, the band was awarded “Christian Song of the Year” at the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Charlie’s heartfelt tribute to his savior (after some tough medical challenges in 2012 with a stoke and separate head injury) for his poignant “My Dear Lord (I am Your Servant). This was the song that earned us the “Best Country Song” honor at LAMA.

And, the band was one of five nominees for “Country Performers of the Year” in the Artists in Music international competition last year (invited back again this year too) and second for “Band of the Year,” three percentages behind the winner at the 2013 Independent Country Music Association comp.

Two years ago, The C.R. Ecker Band was selected as one of the ten original inductees into the Renegade Radio Nashville “New Faces of Country” receiving a hay wagon full of promotional support from this largest of all Internet country music platforms. Regular airplay started November 1, 2013 on this impressive 24/7 all- live station.

Musicians have also given Charlie and Company constant support since mid-June of last year placing us consistently among Southern California country performers. We currently have nearly 1,500 on our fan list.

Do want to point out that ‘Charles Ecker;’ Speechless” was released in mid-year and is our instrumental cover of ten melodies written by Ecker. It is now listed on Soundcloud. Add to that two L.P.s — Down the Back 40: Risin’ Sun and Down the Back 40: Plantin’ Seeds,” an acoustic compilation of Charles Ecker songs.

Please sign on to our “fan”and “share” pages here and connect to our Facebook band page and our website — www.thecreckerbandmusic.com

All is well in our LA neighborhood for a band that has a slogan — “Music Made in America n’ Heard ‘Round the World!