Carolyn’s Mother

Live Performance

nominated for outstanding national artist 9th annual LA Music Awards

Denver, Colorado

Band Members
Rhett Lee – vocals, Drew Hodgson – guitar, Colin Burke – bass (92-02), Bill Thomason – drums (92-96), Jeff Gust – drums (96-98, 01-02), Bob Rupp – drums (02-03), Miles Marlin – bass (02-04), John Rector – drums (98-00) Chris Reidy – drums (03-04)
Record Label
Arc Weld
Short Description
this is the official Carolyn’s Mother facebook page. Feel free to share your memories or any photos you have of the band.
Garnering critical raves, fans galore, and CD sales of over 10,000 (all without a net or a recording contract) Denver-based Carolyn’s Mother – Rhett Lee (vocals), Drew Hodgson (guitar), Colin T. Burke (bass) and Bill Thomason (drums) – was nearly legendary throughout the West and Midwest for introducing a sound and style only previously heard from the likes of international touring bands – a brand of rough-around-the-edges Britpop that echoed 80s acts like The Cure and 90s Brit-breakouts Oasis, Blur and James.

In the nearly thirteen years before the band ‘retired’ in October 2004, Carolyn’s Mother became regional heroes, playing to full houses across the country.
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Artists We Also Like
U2, James, The Cure