Chani Christie

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Performer at the 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Nominated for Music Video of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards “Don’t Be Shy”

Producers Choice Recipient for American Pop Artist of the Year – 19th Annual LA Music Awards

Talent runs in the Christie family; Chani Christie, daughter of power couple, Doug and Jackie Christie (Doug – a Former NBA player for the LA Lakers and Sacramento Kings, and Jackie – a former runway model), produced an entertainment mogul in the making.

Chani, versed in dancing, modeling, singing and rapping, is passionate about her music career. At just 15 – years – old she’s making headlines. She officially kicked off her career working alongside producers DJ Black, The Major and multi-faceted musician, Bobby Tinsley [label-mate and producer]. She considers her self a mini version of MC Lyte and female T.I.

While Chani has embraced her musical side, her mother Jackie steered her in the modeling direction early on; when she was just five she booked her first Macy’s commercial, and went on to do work for M & Ms and other major brands. Chani was born for a career in the spotlight. A multi-faceted artist, Chani maintains a bold presentation of her self with a mean stride to boot – be it a Madison Square Garden catwalk, or sharing her stage with fellow music legends. Chani Christie is the complete package.

The track titled, “Who Is That?” off her My Dream album, was inspired by her producer, Bobby Tinsley, who noticed the recognition, which followed Chani wherever she went. Chani attributes some success to her parents, who are highly publicized in the media, and have thus assisted her with her public portrayal of herself. But collectively speaking, the general consensus when it comes to Chani is one of curiosity because of her in-born relationship to the industry and natural mystique as an artist.

Chani admires musicians Andre 3000, Eryka Badu, Luther Vandross, Allycia Keys, Kanye West and Chris Brown. While she appreciates their contributions to music, she has honed her own style [with the assistance of singing coach, Nick Cooper, who also works with Jordyn Taylor and Beyonce], taking the best elements of their artistry to explore her individualism.

Rapping, singing and modeling are all synonymous with Chani’s success, and at her impressionable age, she continues to watch, absorb and further personify her gift.

Chani made her debut appearance with Atlanta rap group, Small Change on BET with their single “Don’t Be Shy.” She didn’t know what to think when she saw her self on tv for the fist time: She said “It’s on!”

In upcoming months, Chani, who has not yet been on tour, will embark on her radio tour in select cities throughout the US, promoting her album, which was released through indie label Jean Rah Fyah Records, and is available for download at The first single “Here We Are Again” is on and iTunes under the album, “My Dream.”

Chani says of the album title, “Everybody has a dream of what they want to do, so I thought it was really fitting to call it that, because it’s my story, and I’m so thankful to everyone that was on board to support me – make up artists, stylists, photographers, producers, friends and family.”

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