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Nominated for Latin rock artist of the year 8th Annual LA Music Awards

At the end of 1996 in the city of South Gate California (90280) arises Chencha Berrinches, an integrated band by friends and classmates from high school (Huntington Park High School), and plan of joke or messing around since they did not have a rehearsal room adequate nor with the necessary instruments, rather, was a good excuse to ditch school into a garage where it would practice.

Several ideas arose to name the band and one of them ideas was by Mrs Yolanda Ramos (mother of Don Diavlo, drummer). Her idea was based, with all due respect of an old woman who lived in the same village of her family (Huapango Guanajuato, Mexico), whom this old lady was a little grouchy, her name was Lorenza. Starting from there, the band members opted to change the name a little and there emerged Chencha Berrinches (Lorenza Corrajes) incorporating the logo CH, which is very popular in Mexican culture (chale, chingar, chambear, chafirete, chilango, pinche chango, etc.). Based on that set of lyrics, It was adopted as a heart logo with a CH integrated, made famous by our Idol and hero comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito”.

With a couple of already- riffs and songs, Chencha Berrinches begins to have its first proposals for work, touched on “back-yard gigs” with punk and metal bands already which at that time existed no ska bands that played at events and during the day, such presentations in different venues in Los Angeles. This opens doors for them and they are invited to play in different parts of Mexico (Tecate, Ensenada, Tijuana, Rosarito, and Mexico City)

Chencha Berrinches subsequently becomes the band of Los Angeles to open for many of the important bands coming to perform at different places in the city.

1998-Maldita Vecindad House of Blues Hollywood

1999 – Aterciopelados Dragon Fly Santa Monica, etc.

And then later in continuing to perform with important bands such as El Tri, La Castañeda, Angeles del Infierno, Los Pericos, Víctimas del Dr. Cerebro, Todos tus Muertos, Molotov, Sekta Core, Skarnales, Panteón Rococó, Inspector, 2 Minutos, Almalafa, Dead Panchos, Un Cuartito and not forgeting all the important local bands, (Las Quince Letras, Los Olvidados, Maria Fatal, Ozomatli, Yeska, Motita, Calavera etc.)

In 2001 without any budget, without label, and without any kind of media support, Chencha Berrinches recorded their first demo “A Lo Que Te Truje Chencha”. The support of their fans was impressive, with over 10,000 copies sold and a sold-out show in the presentation of his album, in an important place of Los Angeles, sponsored by Tijuana No.

Chencha Berrinches with its musical style more defined, self-appointed as “Mexiska”, which is a mixture of rhythms such as punk, metal, ska, reggae and not forgetting its roots blending Latin rhythms, release “Cada Loco Con Su Tema”, in 2004, a record produced by Sax (saxophone player of La Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del 5to Patio). With very catchy themes such as Libertad, Satan El Rudo, Juana La Loca and Doña Tinieblas.

In May 2005 the band begins a long tour of Europe, visiting countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic with more than fifty presentations playing for more than 80,000 people, being the openers for Die Toten Hosen to 11 of their shows in different arenas within Europe. Back from their European return Chencha Berrinches has been dedicated to their public taking their music to different cities in the United States (New York, Chicago, Texas, Atlanta, Arizona, Nashville Tennesse, California etc etc..)

In April 2013,the band returns to Mexico after a 14th year hiatus where they had an impressive and unforgettable acceptance from the Mexico crowd.

Chencha Berrinches currently is giving the finishing touches to your next material called Evilution, a disc full of energy and heavy rhythms, with plans to launch in early 2014 followed by their anticipated “EVILUTION TOUR” Mexico- Europe- U.S.A. March- July 2014