Chigger Red

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Nominee – 11th Annual LA Music Awards 2001

Nominated for Independent Rock Artist of the Year –  13th Annual LA Music Awards

blistering southern boogie warning: may encourage drinking n driving

Chigger Red is one hell of a rock and roll band. From the bands L.A. club scene roots to national indie and now a major label distributed act (Sony Music Germany). Chigger Red is wideley recognized as the band to watch for if you are a fan of real rock n roll.
Founded in 1998 by southern raised brothers Michael and Chris Stansberry and longtime friend and Chilean native Leo Cuevas CR has recieved accolades and awards from all over the world.
CR’s music is one part blues one part southern rock with a fine blend of boogie and hard rock…Think of the music as country music for rock music fans. CR has just released its 3rd CD “The Hard Road ” in 2003 which promises to be one of the finest R n R albums released in a long time.As Michael B. Smith editor of Gritz magazine wrote “Chigger Red is like having a 220 volt taped to your nads…makes me want to stand on my desk and play air guitar!!

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